May 28, 1928

Rules of the 1928 National Air Tour

Fuselage Analysis

The Stinson "Junior”


Rules of the 1928 National Air Tour

THE EDSEL B. Ford Reliability Trophy, donated by Edsel B. Ford, shall be competed for annually by commercial airplane manufacturers. Entrants must show to the satisfaction of the Contest Committee of the N.A.A. that they are bona-fide manufacturers.


Fuselage Analysis

Stress Analysis of Commercial Aircraft, Chapter Number Twelve


The Stinson "Junior”

SM-2 is Almost Identical to the Detroiter Except that it is Smaller and is Powered with a 110 Hp. Warner Engine

N.A.C.A. Progress

Industry Delegates Witness N.A.C.A. Equipment Demonstrations at Third Annual Conference Held at Langley Field

The Szekely SR-3 Air Cooled Engine

New Three Cylinder Radial is Rated at 40 Hp. at 1800 R.P.M.

Reducing the Cost of Fire Insurance

RATES CHARGED for various types of insurance sought by the airplane manufacturer are so high that any little saving effected is noticeable in the overhead expense. The industry is young, but growing. Many of the small firms will be expanding their facilities, remodelling or rebuilding their factories, and they should, at those times, consider their fire insurance costs.


AVIATION offers another service to its readers

Books on aviation regardless of where published may be obtained through AVIATION’S book department.

The Detroit Air-Olympics

Plans Nearing Completion for the Holding of the National Air Tour. Gordon Bennett Race and National Model Contest


Last Minute Briefs

Alexander “Tommy” Thompson has incorporated the Thompson Flying Service at Salt Lake City, Utah. Ira Burke has taken the agency for Travel Air planes in half a dozen Kansas counties. Burke has a hangar completed at Newton, Kan., his headquarters.

Aviation and Railroad Companies Combine To Offer Coast-to-Coast Air-Rail Service

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