September 8, 1928

The Curtiss "Challenger"

The Goodyear "Puritan"

The "Kari - Keen Coupe"


The Curtiss "Challenger"

New Six Cylinder Radial Aircooled Engine Developing 170 Hp. Is Designed for the Present 0X~5 Powered Planes


The Goodyear "Puritan"

Sister Ship of the “Pilgrim" Has an 86,000 Cu. Ft. Capacity and Carries a Maximum of Four Passengers

The "Kari - Keen Coupe"

A Two Place Enclosed Cabin Monoplane for Business or Pleasure Powered with a Velie 45 Hp. Radial Engine

Parachutes in Civil and Commercial Aviation

TWO important expressions of opinion regarding the parachute in civil and commercial aviation were voiced recently by officials in the Aeronautics Branch of the Department of Commerce. One affects parachute jumping, for purposes other than saving lives in emergencies, and the second deals with the lack of a departmental regulation requiring all passengers carried in air transports to wear the aerial life preservers. Maj. Clarence M. Young, director of aeronautics, has rendered an interpretation of the air commerce regulations and air traffic rules as they apply to parachute jumping.


Labor Tickets, Their Forms and Uses

AS was stated in a previous article, the forms of labor tickets are multitudinous. In size, they vary from a three by five inch card to 9x13 in. sheet. One ticket may record the time of one man, or of many, on one job, or on a number of jobs. Samples of some of these forms are given in the illustration.


Complete Program of Air Race Events Announced

Numerous Specialties Scheduled for Show Beginning Today at Mines Field

"Liberty Bell" Biplane

New Three Place Plane with Combined Cabin and Cockpit Arrangement Has a High Speed of 135 M. P. H.

The Buyer’s Log Book

A SYSTEM which permits fueling from the most convenient point on the field and provides fast and accurate gasoline service without ground or fire hazard, is being manufactured by S. F. Bowser & Co., Inc., Fort Wayne, Ind. The compact fueling unit is built into a substantial welded metal box or pit which is so installed that the top is flush with the surface of the field.

Complete Course for Army Fliers

War Department Issues List of Subjects Required in Instructions

T. A. T. Air-rail Service Started

Operation Brings On Central West Section of Transcontinental System
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