December 22, 1928

Application of "Alclad" to Aircraft

The New Zenith “Z-6”

Barnstorming in a Ford Tri-Motor


Application of "Alclad" to Aircraft

THE successful production, by the Aluminum Company of America, of a new corrosion resistant strong aluminum alloy sheet was announced in May 1927, at the Second Annual Conference of the aircraft manufacturers with the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.


The New Zenith “Z-6”

A Small Transport Biplane With a Six Place Passenger Cabin in Front and an open Pilot's Cockpit in the Rear


Barnstorming in a Ford Tri-Motor

A 12 passenger Ford plane, now on a tour of the United States, is doing a considerable amount of good for aviation and at the same time is proving to be profitable to its owners. Leo J. Rocca, a partner in a Washington agency for Ford and Lincoln automobiles, is the organizer of Universal Flyers, Inc., which purchased a tri-engined Ford plane on September 15, and one month later had carried 4,122 pay passengers at five dollars each.


The Buyer’s Log Book

TWO SIZES of landing lights recently have been added to the aeronautical products of the Pyle-National Co,, 1334 North Kostner Ave., Chicago, 111. These lights can be furnished with silver or chromium plated copper reflectors. Both have clean streamline spun aluminum bodies with no projections other than the three mounting lugs.

The Newark Airport

Newark, N. J., to Have One of the Best Air Terminals in the Country With the Completion of Its Metropolitan Airport

Student Training

A Discussion of Methods Adopted by the Boston Airport Corp. for Avoiding a Waste of Time in Flight Instruction


Pay Wright Brothers Tribute in Pilgrimage to Kitty Hawk

Ceremony Follows International Conference; Harmon Trophy to Lindbergh

The Purpose Accomplished

THE paying of international tribute to Wilbur and Orville Wright, and the successful beginning of the task of creating a definite understanding between nations regarding the requisites of world-wide aeronautic progress, might be considered the two paramount accomplishments of the International Civil Aeronautics Conference.

Side Slips

We were just beginningto get enthusiastic over the excellent address President Coolidge was making before the recent International Civil Aeronautics Conference, when he came to the part where he said : “We are making a reality of the wonderful vision of Tennyson, who, in his ‘Locksley Hall,’ wrote in 1842— “‘For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be;


New York Show Lists Exhibitors

Twenty-Seven Organizations Sign for Exposition to be Held in February
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