January 19, 1929


Proportioning the Plane for Lateral Stability

The Refueling Flight of the "Question Mark"


The Modern Aerodynamic Theory in Design


Proportioning the Plane for Lateral Stability

IN our previous paper on Stability on Controllability of Airplanes1 we gave quite comprehensive discussion on the subject of lateral stability. We explained th-o meaning of lateral stability, considered in turn all the elements on which it depends, and proceeded to consider the combined effect of these elements on flight of uncontrolled models.


The Refueling Flight of the "Question Mark"

ALTHOUGH it has broken every record for sustaining human beings above the surface of the earth, either in balloons, dirigibles, or heavierthan-air craft, the Army’s Atlantic C-2A monoplane "Question Mark” is in no sense of the word a “stunt” plane.


The Modern Aerodynamic Theory in Design

IN the last few years the Prandlt Theory has come to be recognized as a very useful principle in the hands of the airplane designer or technician. However, full use is not generally made of the simplifying formulae resulting from it. The average person is too prone to hold to old ideas.


Short Distance Racing and Handicapping

AS one who has “suffered” much from the loss of the odd second in short distance races, and has worked hard to catch up on the allowances, the work of the man behind the scenes has always much intrigued me. The handicapper is everyone’s whipping post.


Plywood in Aircraft Construction

FROM the very beginning of man’s efforts to fly, wood has played a major part in the construction of successful flying machines. Both light weight and exceptional strength are required for airplanes, so it was natural that the early builders turned to wood and, as the design improved and more complex problems arose, they turned to plywood for many structural purposes.


Thrust Horsepower and Engine Efficiency

THE several fundamental requirements of an aircraft engine have been discussed by many. The commonly accepted fundamental requirements, set down without reference to their relative importance, are: (1) Minimum weight per hp. (2) Maximum dependability.


Notes on Protection of Wooden Propellers

DUE to the fact that the performance and income of the airplane depends so greatly upon the condition of its propeller, or propellers, ev^ery precaution should be taken to prevent costly repairs and tieups during the rainy season. The wooden propeller requires more care and attention than other types.



ALLEN W. MORTON, who has been connected with the American Hammered Piston Ring Co., Baltimore, Md., for 10 yr., has been named president and general manager of that concern. W. C. Stettinius has resigned from that position but will remain on the board of directors as vice chairman.

Technical Reviews

Research Paper No. 35, Department of Commerce Bureau of Standards, by E. Z Snowell—This paper describes a method of transmitting unidirectional beacon signals for the aural or visual guidance of aircraft. The method consists in transmitting directive and non-directive fields simultaneously with the proper phase and amplitude relations between them to secure unidirectional transmission.

Future Production

ONE of the fundamental problems which faces the board of directors and stockholders of every aircraft concern is the number of different types which they shall produce. Off hand, it would seem as if the best policy was to bring out several different types, and, if possible, a complete line.
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