February 2, 1929

Airplane Peration Above Latitude 60° North

The Kreutzer Air Coach

Operation of An Aviation Weather Bureau


Airplane Peration Above Latitude 60° North

OPERATING planes over the Northwest Territories of Canada, which lie above latitude 60 deg. north and between Hudson’s Bay and the Yukon, present many difficulties, not encountered by the aircraft operator in the more temperate zones. Yet, the solution to the problems evolved by the operators in the north may offer suggestions for surmounting the lesser difficulties with which the ordinary commercial operator must contend.


The Kreutzer Air Coach

Four Passenge, Braced Monoplane is Powered with Three Velie M-5 Engines and Has a High Speed of 110 M. P. H.


Operation of An Aviation Weather Bureau

WHAT is the ceiling over the Sierra Nevada? Can I get into the San Francisco Bay region? Is there ground fog in the San Joaquin Valley? Will there by any tomorrow? At what altitude should I fly to get tail winds ? These questions, and many others, are the kind that someone has to answer for pilots flying mail and passengers on airways throughout the country.


Light Plane Records

Some Timely Remarks Regarding the Situation in This Country and the Prospect for Future Conquests



HARRY D. COPLAND, vice president of the Interstate Airways Corp. of Hartford, Conn., has resigned to become Hartford manager of the Curtiss Flying Service of New England. GEORGE H. PHELPS, of Hartford, who made his first flight less than a year ago and has received his transport license under Copland’s tutelage, is manager of Interstate Airways.

Aero Chamber of Commerce Organizes for Year’s Work

F. B. Ren tsc hier Is Elected President; Report Says Membership Has Doubled

Will Open First Japanese Commercial Line in April

Wright Whirlwind and Bristol Jupiter Powered Fokker Monoplanes to Be Used

Side Slips

A correspondent sends in the following news item : "Among the many requests for information received at Oakland Municipal Airport publicity department is one from a firm of airport engineers asking for photographs showing the complete elimination of the field at night by the floodlights.


More Bills Affecting Ports and Airways Introduced

Northern Transcontinental Route Proposed; States Consider Measures

Water Flying Clubs

THE progress of the flying club movement in this country is rapidly reaching a point where it will form a most valuable market for airplane and engine manufacturers. Almost every day, there is news of the formation of a new flying club, and, very recently, the establishment of the first units of a nation-wide chain of active clubs was announced.
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