February 16, 1929

Aeronautical Engineering Section

Multi-Spar Wing Design and Analysis

Accidents and Their Causes

The New York Show

Aeronautical Engineering Section

Multi-Spar Wing Design and Analysis

BEFORE discussing the details of the design and analysis, the practical limits of application of multispar construction should be considered. This type of construction is primarily adapted to cantilever wings and unless otherwise stated this article will deal with this type of wing.


Accidents and Their Causes

ACCIDENTS and their causes have been discussed as much as any subject connected with aeronautics, but the talk has been very general in its nature, and until very recently, there has not been any concerted effort toward making a scientific analysis of the accidents.


The New York Show

Record Attendence. Features Unsanctioned Distributor and Dealer Exhibition Sponsored by Aviators' Post No. 743

Aeronautical Engineering Section

Recent N.A.C.A. Cowling Developments

SINCE the publication last November of the first tests with the N. A. C. A. low drag cowling for radial engines, there has been progress along various lines, and it is the purpose of this article to bring the developments as nearly as possible up to date.


Adaptation of the Paulin System to Altimeters

WHAT is believed to be a promising development in aerial navigation instruments is the application of the Paulin System to aircraft altimeters. The Paulin System, patented in 1919 by G. Paulin, the Swedish inventor, is said to involve certain improvements in aneroid instruments, and altimeters and barometers using this principle have gained wide acceptance because of their accuracy and dependability.

Aeronautical Engineering Section

The Design of Aircraft for Catapult Use

THE limited application of catapulting in modern aircraft operations renders it an analysis condition not generally required, and hence familiar only to the comparatively few designers who have been concerned in building certain shipboard operating Naval planes.

Aeronautical Engineering Section

Aileron Arrangement

A Report of the Conclusions Reached After a Series of Tests on Rolling Moments on Models of Complete Airplanes

Aeronautical Engineering Section

Technical Reviews

Society of Automotive Engineers, Paper on Chromium Plating Progress, by W. M. Phillips and M. F. Macaulay. —Since the successful plating of chromium on steel can be accomplished only after the part to be plated has first been properly plated with some other metal such as copper or nickel, the author presents a short summary of the advancement made during the last 10 years in the methods of plating with copper and nickel before discussing the development and advancement of chromium plating.

How Do We Sell Three Planes Every Day?

HOW do we sell three airplanes every day? I can put the answer in one word—co-operation. Our whole sales force is organized on co-operative lines. We can prosper only as do our dealers and distributors. If they prosper, so do we. The factory is interested with the men who handle its product and we have made recognition of the joint interest the key-note of our sales policy.



Rear Admiral J. M. Reeves or Rear Admiral A. W. Marshall, commanders of the air squadron and the air scouting fleet, respectively, probably will be named to succeed Rear Admiral W. A. Moffett as chief of the Navy Bureau of Aeromautics. Stout D. and C. Lines, Inc., has been organized at Buffalo by the Stout Air Service and the Detroit and Cleveland Navigation Co. for the operation of a flying boat service between the two cities this summer.
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