March 2, 1929

Activities of the Aero Chamber of Commerce

The "Flying Dutchman"

The Todd Monoplane


Activities of the Aero Chamber of Commerce

SINCE its formation and incorporation as a non-profit organization under the laws of the State of New York in 1919, the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce of America, Inc., as it is formally known, has been fostering the advancement of commercial aviation through efforts exerted in the molding of public opinion and in improving trade conditions within the industry itself.


The "Flying Dutchman"

Single Place, Low Wing Monoplane Powered With 40 Hp. SR-3 Engine Now Being Produced by Szekely Aircraft Corp.

The Todd Monoplane

Light Externally Braced Monoplane Specially Designed for Use as An Express Carrier in High Altitude Operation



Purchase of the Irving Air Chute Co. for $4,000,000 by a group of New York financiers was reported recently. Leslie L. Irving will continue as vice president. The directors include Mr. Irving, Col. L. J. Campbell, Maj. R. H. Fleet, Gen. Mason M. Patrick, George Waite and “Casey” Jones.

Watercooled Aircraft Engines

AMERICAN engineering opinion as well as popular opinion is overwhelmingly in favor of aircooled engines at the present time. This is natural, since all of the recent long-distance flights made by American airplanes have been achieved with aircooled power plants.



STEEL-ARMORING the surface of concrete or asphalt floors so as to increase their normal life is now possible through the use of “Floorguard”, a product recently developed by the Blaw-Knox Co., Pittsburgh, Pa. Floorgard is a built-up continuous steel mat that is laid down to form the surface of the floor.


EDWARD L. FRIES, formerly with the Ajax Rubber Co., has been elected to the board of directors of the Curtiss Flying Service, Inc., as vice president in charge of business administration. DWIGHT DAVIS, former manager of sales promotion and advertising for the Stinson Aircraft Corp., has resigned to become assistant to the president of the Schlee-Brock Aircraft Corp., Detroit, Mich.

Packard to Begin Building Diesel Plane Engines Soon

Will Start Construction at Once on New Three Story Factory to Handle Work

Side Slips

Mr. J. M. W. points out a bit of what may be very honest advertising in some literature he picked up at the New York Show. His letter says: “As you will notice the advertisement states that ‘the wings of the plane can be folded by one person in a few moments.’


Foreign News Briefs

—Irvin Air Chute of Great Britain is expanding its manufacturing facilities at Letchworth, England, to increase weekly output from 35 to about 60 ’chutes. —Imperial Airways, Ltd., had flown 4,000,000 miles on February 1 over routes to the continent without a single fatality, it is reported.
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