June 8, 1929

Operation of the Schenectady Airport

Selling Passenger Air Transportation

The Medical Section of the Aeronautics Branch


Operation of the Schenectady Airport

MANY PERSONS hold that airports should be municipally owned and operated, just as harbor facilities for surface vessels are maintained by the Government. There are any number of arguments to be brought forth in support of this belief, but its real basis probably lies in the fact that few believe an airport can be operated profitably.


Selling Passenger Air Transportation

WE NEED only look back two short years and recall the difficulties then beset most air mail contract concerns, to realize the remarkable progress that has been made in the development of air mail services within a comparatively short space of time.


The Medical Section of the Aeronautics Branch

BUT, DOCTOR, it isn't fair to turn me down on account of my eyes. I've driven a car 10 yr. without an accident. And I’ll get lenses in my goggles if I have to.” If this plea has been made once and brought to the attention of Medical Director Bauer of the Department of Commerce, it has been made 500 times.


The Cross License Agreement as It Stands Today

An Explanation of the Various Functions of the Manufacturers' Aircraft Association Which has been Organized to Meet Present-Day Conditions


The Alexander .32 "Bullet"

INTRODUCTTON of the Eagkrock "Bullet" the advent of the Alexander Aircraft Cornoration, Colorado Springs, Colo., into the inclosed airplane field. The Bullet is a four place, low cantilever wing, cabin monoplane with retractable landing gear and powered by either the 165 hp.

Many Airport Projects Progress

More Developments Reported In Country
News Section


T.A.T. will begin operations July 8, according to the most recent schedule. Government test of the Adams pickup-and-drop device for air mail is to be made at Cleveland by Clifford Ball, Inc., pilots. Completion of the New York State network of air weather stations has been announced.

Side Slips

Our recent discussion of color for airplanes seems to have started something. R. L. H. of East Boston, Mass., sends in a photograph and a newspaper description of a plane just delivered to a new airline, which he thinks should rate a championship of some sort.



MAJ. CHARLES H. WOOLLEY, formerly commander of the Massachusetts National Guard Squadron, has been appointed director of schools of the Colonial Flying Service, Inc., New York City. LIEUT. CHARLES W. FRANCE has been appointed division superintendent of Western Air Express at Denver, succeeding CAPT. LEWIS W. GOSS. who has been appointed assistant to the general superintendent in charge of operations at Los Angeles.
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New Firms Announced

CHARLES AIRPLANE & MOTOR CO., Zanesville, Ohio ; capital $30,000 ; by Edward R. Meyer, Tom O. Crossan and Michael J. Harkins ; to manufacture a low priced monoplane. MARION SCHOOL OF AVIATION, INC., Marion, Ohio ; capital 250 shares no par value stock ; by A. B. Lakin, William L. Dieter, Paul Dolan and M. J. Van Kueren.
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