September 28, 1929

The First National Air Traffic Conference

Lessons From the Races

The Fifth Annual National Air Tour


The First National Air Traffic Conference

THE FIRST National Air Traffic Conference of the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce of America was called by F. B. Rentschler, president of the Chamber and Col. Paul Henderson, president of the American Air Transport Association, when it was deemed time that the operators get together and take stock of one another, each with a common view toward the betterment of their respective stock in trade.


Lessons From the Races

Ideas for future years gleaned from observation at Cleveland


The Fifth Annual National Air Tour

FOR THE FIFTH CONSECUTIVE YEAR, pilots representing manufacturers of America's commercial airplanes will assemble at Ford Airport, Detroit, just previous to Oct. 5 to vie with one another for supremacy in airplane reliability and efficiency.


The Bellanca “Tandem”

ONE of the most original aircraft designs developed in several years is the recently completed Bellanca Tandem, which is intended to be used in a projected endurance flight sponsored by the Chicago Daily News. This airplane is now being test flown at the field adjacent to the plant of the Bellanca Aircraft Corporation, New Castle, Del.

The Schneider Contest in Retrospect

A FULL DESCRIPTION of the actual race incidents of the Schneider Trophy, flown over the Solent on Sept. 7, will not be needed now, but there were many incidents not referred to in the world newspapers which have a distinct technical interest, chief among which was a last minute change of a complete cylinder block of the Rolls Royce engine in the winning machine, Flying Officer Waghorn’s Supermarine S6.


An American Designer's Review of the Schneider Race

THIS YEAR’S Schneider Trophy Contest was, without exception, the best conducted event of its kind in the history of aviation, and was done on such a grand scale that the British deserve every possible congratulation in not only having added to their own airmindedness but for having helped air prestige all over the world.


Side Slips

HAVING BEEN AWAY from the office for ten days or so, the following communication from T. G., of Anglum, St. Louis Co., Missouri, is getting delayed attention: “Apropos to your comments on the ‘St. Louis Robin’ in Side Slips of August 17th, in the rush to install a full set of wings, wheels, motor controls and so forth, we neglected to put in an electric stove.


Airport Construction Projects

IATEST reports from the field indicate -/that construction has not lowered its pace with the advent of the fall season. Contracts are being awarded for ground preparation and for new buildings, while work is maturing rapidly on many projects previously started.


Johnson Airplane & Supply Company, Dayton, Ohio, has been acquired by a Cincinnati holding company whose name has not yet been announced. Three Curtiss Fledgling training planes have been received by the aviation unit of the Minneapolis (Minn.) Naval Reserve, which has its headquarters at Wold-Chamberlain Field.

Permanent Radio Plan Announced

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