November 30, 1929

Accomplishments of the All-Western Airport Conference

The Hall Shipboard Fighter

Highlights of the Western Aircraft Show


Accomplishments of the All-Western Airport Conference

Representative Group Meets in Los Angeles to Discuss and Speed the Solution of Western Airport Problems

The Hall Shipboard Fighter

W asp Powered XFH-1 Embodies Fuselage Designed for Emergency Flotation and Other Safety Features


Highlights of the Western Aircraft Show

IN THE FACE OF general aircraft sales slump, the Western Aircraft Show held in Los Angeles, Nov. 9 to 17 inclusive, proved conclusively that there does exist among the general public an active buyer’s interest in aircraft. As a retail sales show the exposition was an unqualified success, and yet there were scarcely, if any, bona fide sales from the show floor.

Lowering Manufacturing Costs By Specializing Production

Unit Production versus Assembly of Purchased Units in Aircraft


What Our Readers Say

I wish to express a different viewpoint regarding your first editorial in the November 2nd issue entitled “Personnel Now or Progress Later.” Inasmuch as I have never been a professor nor a civilian member of any of the Government departments I do not believe the ideas expressed herein can be considered biased.

Saving Weight at Low Cost

How Much Must We Pay for Increased Payload?


Abstracts and Reviews

PROMULGATION of an order requiring wind tunnel tests of a scale model before any new plane design is approved for purchase by the French government, or approved for an airworthiness certificate, has recently aroused a storm of comment and criticism.

New Volumes for the Shelves

THIS BOOK which treats of the design of continuous spars is the first part of a general text on the structural design of airplanes, particularly intended for students of the Moscow Military Academy of Aeronautics. The second part will treat of the design of airplane frames, including statically indeterminate types; the third part will treat of the design of airplane fuselages and the fourth will present computations of the moments of inertia of the cross sections of various airplane elements and will also treat of the design of stabilizers, rudders and other airplane parts.

Airport Construction Projects

THE MUNICIPAL buildingat the Boston Airport is nearly completed, and will be ready for dedication early in December. Albert L. Edson, airport manager, will be the first to move in. His offices are on the second floor. The Weather Bureau and State Aviation Supervisor Robert L. O’Brien will be on the same floor.

Fechet Cites Lack of Funds

Annual Report Appeals For Air Base Improvements
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