February 1, 1932

Accounting for Air Carriers

Air Armament Standards in the Melting Pot

Fundamentals of Future Air Express Development


Accounting for Air Carriers



Air Armament Standards in the Melting Pot

THE world disarmament conference which is to gather in the quiet French-speaking Swiss city of Geneva early in February has been in preparation since the spring of 1926. Intermittently during all that time, the Preparatory Commission of experts representing 50-odd countries have been at work hammering out a preliminary draft of a form in which an agreement to limit air, land, and sea armaments might be cast.


Fundamentals of Future Air Express Development

TRAFFIC in freight and merchandise has been the controlling factor in the development of land and water transportation systems throughout the world, and it is not unlikely that express traffic will be a major factor in the further development of air transportation.


Truth and the Test Pilot

THE day of the dare devil “test pilot,” who took the new airplane up “to see if would fly, “has passed. We have neither to test the wings for their weaknesses, nor to find out whether the airplane is unsatisfactory in longitudinal stability or controllability.


Learning to Fly

THE technique of flying has so many points of similarity and so many points of difference with other procedures, such as driving a car, sailing, skating and skiing, that the process of learning to fly is of both general and special interest.


An Aviation Platform

LAST month, we started the publication of a general program and precept, for the aviation industry and all of its several subdivisions. There was more to be said than could be contained in a single issue, so we carry the platform forward here.

Alaska Needs the Airplane

Aircraft are fast becoming vital in the Alaskan economic structure, despite the small population and severe seasonal operation difficulties.

The Petroleum Industry and Aviation

Research Engineer and Test Pilot Standard Oil Company of New Jersey


A Maintenance Yardstick for the Designer



A New Use for the X-Ray

MANY industries are finding in the X-ray machine a new and highly useful tool. One of the most recent applications has been reported by the Curtiss-Wright Airport, at Milwaukee, Wis., where an X-ray machine is being used to check the condition of the structure of airplanes.

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