December 1, 1933

Blue Eagle Takes Wing

News of the Month

The Equipment of Air Forces


Blue Eagle Takes Wing

Codification of the Air Transport Industry under the NRA an accomplished fact.

News of the Month

$700 private plane CONFIDENTLY believing that private flying can be built up to justify at least a fraction of the bright hopes of 1929, Aeronautics Branch Director Vidal this month conceived an idea, initiated a survey. The idea is that if a well-finished, high quality, factory-built airplane could be sold well under $1,000 there should be many purchasers.

The Equipment of Air Forces



Search for An Ideal



Air Express Experiences

PROGRESS toward the solution of the problems of air express has been accelerated through cooperation among the transport lines, and interchange of shipments among member lines within the groups operating in the field has gone far to provide national distribution for merchandise moving by air.


Pitch Control

A comparison of flight test results with several types of controllable pitch propellers


Flying Equipment

New Equipment for Pan American SUPPLEMENTING a program recently announced for the construction of six flying boats of unusually large size for long-range development work, a contract has been let to the Fairchild Aviation Corporation for six single-engine high-speed amphibions which are expected to yield performances in the range of modern land planes.

$700? and How?

IT IS FREQUENTLY a matter of some little difficulty to pick the particular story which deserves the pre-eminent position of our news pages, but this month there could be no doubt. The announcement from the Department of Commerce that Director Vidal has undertaken to solicit expressions of willingness to buy a new airplane of specified characteristics, and that the characteristics include a price of $700, has set the high-water-mark in news excitement not only for November but for a much longer period.


New Volumes for the Shelves

IT IS a difficult matter to review reports such as these. They range the whole span of aeronautics, and far outside into related fields. Though the work is necessarily of somewhat variable importance and quality, both the British and American committees select and edit with such care that the standard is always high.

Servicing Short Cuts

Propeller Overhaul Tools AMONG new tools and accessories, developed at the Naval Air Station at Pensacola to promote efficiency and production in the propeller shop, is a propeller pitch protractor (designed by Leo. G. Cox) which embodies the reading of angles on a clocklike dial instead of by vernier.
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