February 1, 1934

News of the Month

Aviation and the Government’s Spending

Operation at Desired Cruising Conditions


News of the Month

A NEW world record for non-stop mass formation flight was set on Jan. 10-11 by the “routine transfer” of the Navy’s Patrol Squadron 10-F which covered the 2,400 miles from San Diego to its permanent operating base at Pearl Harbor, Honolulu in 24 hours, 56 minutes.

Aviation and the Government’s Spending

Enter the Federal Budget, Bringing a Mixture of Good News and Bad


Operation at Desired Cruising Conditions

THE principal problems of flying, viewed as transportation, remain today as they have been for more than a decade, those of speed, safety, economy, and comfort. With slightly varying emphasis they apply equally to military, commercial, and private flying.


The Flight of the “Tingmissartoq”

The authoritative account of the 1933 survey flights of the Lindberghs


In the Northwest...”

Efficient Maintenance Base at the Twin Cities Is an Important Factor in Northwest Airways’ Outstanding Operations Record


New Volumes for the Shelves

A GREAT deal of ground can be covered in a fashion at once clear and complete within the space of 230 pages if one knows how to set about it. Mr. Munro has known exactly how, and his book is an admirable one for every designer’s library and for careful study by every budding aeronautical engineer.

Low-Priced Airplane

PRIVATE FLYING, measured in terms of active pilots, planes, and their use is on the decline. After fifteen years or so of the building of planes for miscellaneous flying, there are less than 7,000 licensed airplanes in this country of 120,000,000 people.


Notes on a $700 Airplane

WHEN Director of Aeronautics Vidal launched his famous private plane questionnaire, a considerable segment of the aircraft industry thought it a joke—and not a particularly funny one. When he persuaded the Public Works Administration to make over $500,000 to promote the realization of the project as a means of developing a new industry to provide new employment, the joke ended.


In Open Forum

The industry and the A. F of L. discuss the proposed aircraft manufacturing code

The Stinson Airliner and the New Reliant

IN the November, 1933, issue of AVIATION (page 359), preliminary announcement was made of a new transport under development by the Stinson Aircraft Corporation. Although final details are not yet available, we are able at this time to add something to the previous discussion, including an outline drawing which shows its general arrangement.
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