December 1, 1934

Insurance for the Flying Service Operator

The "Trip" Time and Cruising Velocity

The Equipment of Air Forces


Insurance for the Flying Service Operator

THERE ARE so many forms of insurance available, that the operator should look at his problem with two thoughts in mind: first “What do I absolutely need for my protection?” and, second, “Can I swing it financially?” If he can swing the insurance that he feels is absolutely necessary he should then consider the additional forms which reduce the hazard of operating his business.


The "Trip" Time and Cruising Velocity

THE VALUE of an airplane as a commercial vehicle should be measured by its "block to block" speed (i.e., including take-off, climb, cruising, descent and landing), rather than by its absolute cruising velocity in level flight. In military operations, also, which depend for their success upon mobility, the total elapsed time required for any particular operation is of utmost importance.


The Equipment of Air Forces



Air Board Hearings

AS the Federal Aviation Commission began its second month of hearings, representatives from the Chambers of Commerce of a number of West Coast and Mid-Western cities appeared before it to urge revision of the Air Mail Law. Specifically, they sought an amendment which would permit United Air Lines to continue operation of its coastal route from San Diego to Seattle in addition to its transcontinental route, an arrangement impossible under the present law after March 1, 1935.

Non-destructive Materials Testing

BY TESTING to destruction selected samples of the materials that enter into the construction of airplanes and engines, it is possible to check their average physical properties against standard values set up by long and rigorous research.


Short-haul Seaplane Service

ISLAND AIRLINES, INC., operates between New Bedford, Mass. and the islands south of Cape Cod Nantucket and Marthas Vineyard), with a stop at Woods Hole. The traffic consists almost entirely of summer residents or vacationists from either New York or Boston.


Giros Advance

FEW THINGS are so difficult in this world as for a celebrity to withdraw voluntarily from the public scene and reemerge at will to greater triumphs. That the American autogiro industry has been able to do it, is by no means the least remarkable of its achievements.

This and That and a Happy New Year

AS WE have always been a lover of all of the old-established traditions, it brings a tear or two to our eyes to note the complete disregard by our rapidly-expanding air transport lines of the time-honored customs of the rail transportation systems.


Automatic Pitch Control

THE word “uncanny” has very little place in technical literature, but it is difficult to find a better description of the behavior of Hamilton Standard’s automatic control device for controllable pitch propellers. There is nothing supernatural about its action, of course, but unfortunately, the whole story of how it works must be deferred until the military sees fit to release it.

Grumman Utility

SEVERE design conditions are by no means limited to projects calling for record breaking performance of some particular function. They can be encountered in equally formidable proportions in the development of an aircraft to discharge a multiplicity of duties with a uniform and high degree of efficiency.
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