March 1, 1935

Economie Engine Operation for Cruising Reliability

Pacific Preview

Weather’s Third Dimension


Economie Engine Operation for Cruising Reliability

THE ENGINE is the heart of the airplane. Cruising airplane performance can never be specified until cruising engine performance is known. Just as in the tempo of modern life, the determining factor is often how much the heart will stand, so on an air transport line we can often point to an unintelligent schedule or operating technique which cannot be maintained without too wasteful a record of engine breakage, fuel costs, airplane crashes and loss of human life.


Pacific Preview

Pan American Airways forms a new division


Weather’s Third Dimension

Another article in a series on the fundamental concepts of the new meteorology. This one introduces the variability of the vertical temperature gradient, its effect on atmospheric mechanics, and instruments used in measuring it.


Institute Abstracts

A digest of some of the many papers presented at the third annual meeting of the Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences.

Operator’s Corner

An exchange of ideas on the problems of the commercial aviation industry

Aviation People

• Vice-president and general manager of Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Company of Buffalo since June, 1934, RALPH S. DAMON has been made its president. Since his connection with the Curtiss Company in 1922, he has served respectively as factory manager, vice president, and general manager of Curtiss-Robertson Manufacturing Co.

Log of An Editorial Junket

AVIATION has never been run on an armchair editorial policy. No industry as widespread as ours can be served adequately with scissors and pastepot from a New York office. To keep up to date on this aviation business it is necessary to prowl about into all corners of this country, and beyond.

News of the Month

Aviation in Congress

The Progress of Legislation Introduced and Pending
News of the Month

Braniff Buys Electras

Seven new Electras scheduled for early delivery have been ordered from Lockheed Aircraft Company by Braniff Airways. With the new equipment the airline will inaugurate night service on its route from Chicago to Brownsville, Texas, via Dallas, with a branch line to Amarillo, now flown by Lockheed Vegas, Stinsons and Fords.
News of the Month

Services Ask Building Funds

ARMY and Navy construction pro. grams calling for expansion of air base defenses and increased plane power for the Air Corps are now before Congress, the projected expenditures representing a record peace-time outlay for national defense.
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