May 1, 1935

Flying Services and Schools

New Production

Flying Equipment

Fairchild Amphibian


Flying Services and Schools

WASHINGTON, D. C.—At a conference April 2 and 3 under N.A.A. auspices, 74 delegates representing the flying enthusiasts of 23 American colleges voted to form a National Intercollegiate Flying Club, adopted a specific program to develop undergraduate flying and gliding.

New Production

Transport manufacture, foreign trade, at record breaking levels
Flying Equipment

Fairchild Amphibian

A new high performance utility transport for Pan American’s Fleet

Transport Traffic and Operation

Passenger travel moves up with new equipment

Operator's Corner

An An exchange exchange of of ideas ideas on o the problems of the commercial aviation industry

Private Flying and Aerial Service

The former gaining, the latter holding its own during depression
News of the Month

1934 Statements

Curtiss-Wright doubles earnings. Other financial reports show varying results.

Military Flying

More operation, more purchases, increased emphasis on combat equipment coming
Flying Equipment

Power By Fairchild

Fairchild re-enters engine field with two new Rangers
Side Slips

Side Slips

IT IS refreshing to find that our best pilots will readily admit having been lost on some of their flights, instead of blaming their errors on compasses, as we often suspect pilots of lesser ability of doing. After wandering around in sleet storms and fog for half of his coast-to-coast record flight, Jimmie Doolittle’s comment was “Yes, I got badly lost—guess the old man is slipping.”

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