August 1, 1935

Schools, Services, and Airports


Bigger and Better Radiators


Schools, Services, and Airports

ALABAMA—Steadham Acker, manager of the BIRMINHAM Municipal Airport, reports that activities at that field were higher during the first six months of 1935 than during any previous period since the airport was opened four years ago. Four commercial operators are now based on the field, two of which are giving flight instructions, and since there are also twelve privately owned planes stored at the field, the service work keeps the shop constantly busy.


First hand experience on the landing of airplanes when the ceiling is down on the carpet and you can’t see your hand in front of your face is here summarized by one of the country’s outstanding blind-flying pilots.


Bigger and Better Radiators

The popular notion that radiators for liquid cooled engines must be made as small as possible has been upset by Wright Field tests. Core areas may be stepped up, drag simultaneously reduced. Controlled airflow by proper cowling does the trick.


Rooftop Giroports

James G. Bay

21,000 Miles of Charter

Not a bad record for the short New England summer season. But that was last year. Hyannis-Falmouth Airports, Inc., expects to top its record this summer, then pile up more paying time in Florida as it did last winter. Here is how.

Flying Equipment

Martin Bomber for Export

Released for foreign sale, structural details of B-10 bomber are available for first time

Aviation People

Citing that the development of the Army-Kreusi type of blind flying equipment “adds another definite stage to the safety and convenience of flying under any and all conditions,” and that the part he played in that development is “the greatest achievement in aviation in America during the past year,” the committee on award of the Collier Trophy has selected CAPT. ALBERT FIEGENBERGER as this year’s recipient.

Show Under Hardships

All American Show begins in storm and builds up attendance in sweltering heat.

Operator's Corner

An exchange of ideas on the problems of the commercial aviation industry
News of the Month

A Law at Last

The Air Mail bill emerges in its final form with a distinct senatorial flavor
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