November 1, 1935

Schools, Services, and Airports

Skin Deep

Airport Drainage


Schools, Services, and Airports

ALABAMA — Theodore Swann, BIRMINGHAM industrialist, was recently named by Governor Bibb Graves to head the new state Aviation Commission, created by the 1935 Legislature. Serving with Mr. Swann will be Thomas D. McGough, Montgomery automobile dealer; L. G. Mason, operator of the Montgomery Municipal Airport; O. M. Barney, operator of the Mobile airport; and I. B. Rutledge, engineer of the State Highway Department.

Skin Deep

As an authority on the mechanics of aircraft structures, Professor Newell’s position in American aeronautics is unquestioned. In this series of two articles on allowable stresses in “Stressed Skin” aircraft structures he makes “news” by applying an irrational method to a rational problem.


Airport Drainage

As an airport manager at a number of Central American towns where funds and facilities are limited, the author had to learn something for himself about handling rain and surface icater


Future of the Pursuit a Britsh View

Hardy perennial for aerial tacticians is - ``H a s the single-seater any future?" The author - a keen ob server of military affairs abroad - feels that it has. In spite of a steady loss in speed advantage over bomb ers and "multi-place" fight ers, the advent of the "mo tor-cannon" has given the pursuit a new lease on life.


Hitch Your Airport to the Stars

DEVOTED WIFE: “John, we are going out for dinner tonight.” TIRED BUSINESS MAN : “Where ?” DW : “To Grand Central airport.” TBM: “Why?” DW : “Clark Gable is going to be there.” TBM : ‘How do yon know?” DW : “I heard it over the radio.” TBM: “Yes, dear.”

Flying Equipment

With Foreign Builders

Notes on King’s Cup Winners, a transport or two, a collection of sporting types and two for the French services

Operator's Corner

An exchange of ideas on the problems of the commercial aviation industry

Aviation People

DR. WILLIS R. GREGG, chief of the United States Weather Bureau, has recently returned from a visit to Moscow which had for its purpose the arrangement of a systematic exchange of weather reports with Siberia. Such data are held essential for long range forecasting in America.
Flying Equipment

Transport in Miniature

The Curtiss-Wright Coupe, with flying characteristics for the amateur pilot, but built like a modern airliner.

Windshields and Weather

Although the coverage of these two reports is far from exhaustive, the indications are that the design of a windshield (for either closed or open cockpits) that will permit considerable unobstructed view and, at the same time, protect the pilot from wind and rain, is entirely practical.
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