January 1, 1936

Schools, Services, and Airports

The W-1A Airplane

New Wings for a New Germany


Schools, Services, and Airports

ALABAMA—The MONTGOMERY Municipal Airport project which has been allotted $102,153 of WPA funds will provide a radio station, additional aprons, runways, and other improvements. . . . The State Aviation Commission has been active in obtaining leases on sites for new airports in the 50 cities that will benefit from $1,300,000 in public works funds allotted the state by the comptroller general. . . . The Donaldson Flying Service of MONTGOMERY, which was taken over by Harry King, and is now known as the King Aircraft Service, has purchased a Fairchild 22, equipped for blind flying and radio training.

The W-1A Airplane

ABOUT the time the original article on our W-l appeared (Avia/ TioN, July, 1934), the Department of Commerce, then getting its light-plane development program under way, requested the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics to conduct a series of tests on the airplane.


New Wings for a New Germany

IF a foreigner is offered an opportunity to enter the secret domains of a present-day German aircraft factory and has to name his choice in a hurry he is apt to be torn between Junkers and Heinkel. Heinkel attracts him because of its famous high speed airplanes and seaplanes (or because it is well known that the Heinkel factory gates are the most difficult for a foreigner to “crash”); Junkers because it is a very great, very conservative aircraft factory where he will see 15,000 employees at work, but few radical designs.



Assistant Professor of Aerodynamics Massachusetts Institute of Technology


1935, Round By Round

WHEN, a year ago, we called 1934 “the year in which the crack of doom proved only to be a starting gun,” we had to admit (privately) that perhaps we had overshot a little. Not that there were not grounds aplenty for optimism at that time, but we were acutely conscious that the reverse of the picture was still pretty black, and we weren’t at all sure then that someone wouldn’t turn it around suddenly.

Going Places

Manager, San Francisco Bay Airdrome

Flying Equipment

Vultee V-ll Attack Bomber

Complete details of a new military type with interesting structural features and excellent performance

Next Year’s Business

A WELL-DRESSED college student burst into our Boston airport office one morning and breathlessly announced that he wanted to charter a plane to Asheville, N. C. “An emergency case?” he was asked by one of our staff. “If you care to call it that,” he replied, “I just discovered that I must report to a class at 8:30 o’clock tomorrow morning.”


Operator's Corner

An An exchange exchange of of ideas ideas o on the problems of the commercial aviation industry

Aviation People

At a meeting in Washington, Dec. 9, the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce elected LEIGHTON W. ROGERS president to succeed THOMAS' A. MORGAN, who resigned due to business reasons after holding office for nearly three years. Mr. Rogers entered the United States Foreign Office in 1923, becoming Chief of the Aeronautical Division of Foreign and Domestic Commerce five years later.
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