June 1, 1936

Shools, Services, And_airports

Transoceanic Airships

Broadcast Beacons


Shools, Services, And_airports

ALABAMA—Several recent additions to the plane fleet at BIRMINGHAM Municipal Airport have recently put hangar space at a premium.... An air show featuring Dorothea Aiken and Jessie Martin was scheduled at Capital Airport, MONTGOMERY, late in April.

Transoceanic Airships

THE advancement of civilization is closely connected with improvement in the art of crossing the seas. Communication by air seems to be destined to help break down the barriers between nations now physically separated by the great oceans.


Broadcast Beacons

THE PILOT who adopts a radio compass for navigational use should always keep in mind the important fact that the radio waves are part of an uncharted sea. Just as ocean rollers recoil from the shore, radio waves are reflected and distorted by mountains and other terrestrial objects. There are also other influencing factors which have not been explored and evaluated.


Tail Wheel Or Nose Wheel?

The author is a member of the technical staff of the Bureau of Air Commerce. He writes, however, as an individual engineer, personally interested in the question of a better landing gear arrangement.


Toward the Stratosphere

With transport operators looking toward high altitude operation for economy, the need of supplying air of proper chemical and physical characteristics to passengers and crew is becoming more and more acute


China Spreads Her Wings

Commercial air services open up new paths for trade in the Far East. The second of two articles.

News of the Month

Zeppelin to Lakehurst

Hindenburg completes two of this summer’s scheduled ten crossings of the North Atlantic

Winds Over Langley

A 500-m.p.h. wind tunnel was among items demonstrated by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics at its Eleventh Annual Aircraft Engineering Research Conference.

Aviation People

Sixteen Americans and foreigners of high standing in engineering and aeronautics comprise the board of award for the Daniel Guggenheim Medal. This year they voted the honor to DR. GEORGE WILLIAM LEWIS, since 1924 director of aeronautical research of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, "for outstanding success in the direction of aeronautical research and for the development of original equip ment and methods."

Coffee From the Clouds

Some coffee manufacturers sell by radio show boats, others by dating their containers, but LaTouraine uses airplanes and derives publicity by pouring its coffee over troubled waters.

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