August 1, 1936

Schools, Services, and Airpoarts

Twenty Years Ago-

Egg Shell Airplanes


Schools, Services, and Airpoarts

A state-by-state tour of the flying fields

Twenty Years Ago-

AVIATION was born. Among our most valued possessions is a yellowing scrap of paper on which Lester Gardner wrote for the first time the name of the new publication. Among our records there is none more inspiring than that part of his lead editorial in the first issue in which he stated the aims of the magazine, a program from which his successors have never departed, and which stands today as a basic policy of the paper.

Egg Shell Airplanes

Geodetic construction increases bomber range 2½ times


Spot Cash

How one manufacturer saves by spot welding aluminum alloys in production


One Man Airline

THIS never would have happened if Manufacturer Louis Root had not been a lover of nature and enjoyed the birds and flowers in the garden of his Southampton (L.I.) estate. But he did, and accordingly he set about to find some way of traveling back and forth between his New York office and his summer home a hundred miles away without wasting most of his business day in the process.

Flying Equipment

Ryan’s New ST Series

Three ships are offered with Menasco power plants of 95, 125 and 150 hp.
Flying Equipment

Wright Cyclone Series G

New 1,000 hp. engine announcement marks tenth anniversary of Cyclone development

Aviation People

Who’s who and what they are doing

Records Fall in 353 Hours of Soaring at Elmira

LONG before white men discovered the delightful river on which the city of Elmira now stands, some chieftain of the Six Nations was so impressed with the strong and steady breezes blowing in the valley that he called it “Chemung,” meaning “big horn” in our language.

Operators' Corner

QUESTION 14: What do you think of the present regulations for medical examinations for flight students? Do they discourage students from getting started because of the expenditure of time or money involved? Would there be any great risk in amending them to defer the examination until the student had several hours of dual?
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