January 1, 1937

Europe Rearms in the Air

Schools, Services, and Airports

IL. Design for Production


Europe Rearms in the Air

WE IN AMERICA have earned a worldwide reputation as mass producers of machinery and mechanical gadgets, but, as far as aircraft are concerned, until we have had a look at production in Europe today, in the words of the poet, “We ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”


Schools, Services, and Airports

A state-by-state tour of the flying fields

IL. Design for Production

The second of two reports on the S.A.E. Production Sessions by Edward P. Warner

Seaplane Handling

The first of three very practical articles on The Technique of Water Flying


Airplane Design in 1936

THE 1936 AIRPLANE bears no trademark. Rugged individualism and bright innovation have been playing a losing game. External form no longer owes itself to designer inspiration. It is dictated from Langley Field, Farn-borough, Chalais-Meudon, Adlershof, and Guidonia.


The Army...

THE CONCEPTION of the employment of military aviation has undergone revolutionary changes since the World War. This modern conception has been brought about entirely by the enormously increased performance, in all characteristics, of the airplane.


The Navy in 1936

THE SUCCESS with which Naval aviation is carrying out its aim to leave no stone unturned in assuring that our first line of defense shall have available the most efficient and best equipped air arm procurable, is indeed gratifying, not only to those charged with this work but to the people of the United States whose interests the Navy scrupulously guards.



From the Skyways of the World

Engine Design in 1936

ALTHOUGH THE YEAR 1936 has not been definitely marked by any startling changes in the field of aircraft power plants, a considerable number of important trends and developments have taken place. Perhaps the most important trend has been the increasing use of the two-row radial engine.

Flying Equipment

Douglas DF Flying Boat

Cyclone powered 32 passenger craft has over 3000-mile range
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