March 1, 1939

Good Neighbor Skyways

Blue Ribbon Battleground

Flight No.269


Good Neighbor Skyways

THE AIR TRANSPORT INDUSTRY of Latin America is surprisingly vast in extent. Some 47 corporately separate companies offer no less than 203 regular, scheduled services over routes which total 88,146 miles in length, more than twice the length of all the air lines in the United States.

Blue Ribbon Battleground

IT STILL SEEMS to be a mystery to many people, “why Pan American tackled the Pacific before the Atlantic.” There is obviously a great deal more traffic to be tapped on the Atlantic. It is only 3,400 miles from New York to London; it is 9,100 from Alameda to Hong Kong.

Flight No.269

A BIG NEW BOEING-BUILT CLIPPER moves off from the float of the Pan American Air Base on Treasure Island. Five minutes later it is roaring across San Francisco Bay, lifting, swinging westward. Back in his office, the Air Port Manager writes conscientiously in his register:

A Who’s Who of World Airlines

THE COMPANY which was soon to take the name of Pan American Airways Corporation was formed Oct. 3, 1927 to pool the international air line projects of three slightly older corporations. Each of these organizations had formulated plans and taken some steps toward organizing an air line between Florida and Cuba.
Flying Equipment

Tell Tale

With the flying of transport airplanes getting no simpler, any move to reduce the chances of pilot error is a step in the right direction. A new device for this purpose is herein described.


New Power for Ultra-highs

Hundreds of watts at wavelengths below one meter give additional impetus to blind-landing development

Picked Up Along Editorial Airways


Manufacturers Report—


Aviation’s Operators Corner

Everyone is talking about flight training these days and the experimental federal program is getting under way in the colleges selected for it by the C.A.A. M.I.T. will take off on its pilot training program in the near future and details have just been announced by Dr. Carl Compton.


How the Atlantic Will Be Flown

THE EQUIPMENT in the new Boeings is remarkable for its completeness, and at the same time for its simplicity. Two duplicate transmitters for use in cw telegraph service are available for the basic communication needs, and in addition a small radio-telephone transmitter for work within 30 miles of the surface stations.
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