November 1, 1939

Sae Talks Production

Tethering the Arplane

Instrument Landing on 40 Centimeter Waves


Sae Talks Production

With rapidly rising backlogs, the aircraft manufacturers are more interested than ever in production problems


Tethering the Arplane

IF THE PILOT is forced to land away from his base at some field where there are no facilities whatever, there is indeed a serious danger of loss due to wind. If weather conditions indicated that there would be no immediate change it might be adequate to leave the airplane standing with the wheels blocked or parking brakes set.


Instrument Landing on 40 Centimeter Waves

ON September 16th the C.A.A.M.LT. system of instrument landing, which has been reviewed in these pages as it developed from the idea suggested by Irving R. Metcalf to a working reality (see AVIATION, September 1938, page 28) was given its first official demonstration to engineers of the C.A.A. at the East Boston Airport.


Financing Air Transports

WITH new highs in passenger travel constantly being made, the air transport industry may be forced to embark upon an extensive equipment acquisition program. Financing of new equipment purchases need not be a serious problem even to those carriers with depleted cash resources.

The Aviation News

National Aviation

Few people are neutral about “neutrality.” They all want to see Hitler trounced but they want a couple of other guys to do it. The country seems divided on repeal of the arms embargo, but Congress, as this writing went to press, was preponderantly in favor of lifting the munitions ban.
The Aviation News

Transport Aviation

August airline figures set alltime highs. The scheduled system will carry about 2,000,000 fares this calendar year, with smartest guessers setting a mark of 10,000,000 in the fifth year from now. Public acceptance of schedule service is being augmented by increasing military, student, private and fixed-base flying.

Magnesium Sheet for Aircraft

An excerpt from a paper "Production of Magnesium Alloy Aircraft Parts"* The Doze Chemical Company THE extremely light weight of magnesium alloys (specific gravity 1.8) is well-known and a proper knowledge of their properties, design, uses, and methods of fabrication will enable the aircraft engineer to save many pounds of needless weight.

4,000,000 New Customers

World's Fair Exhibit Opens New Market

FOR the first time in the history of the aviation industry many of its leading airline, aircraft and accessory companies, together with various special services and flying schools, have joined forces in a co-operative and large scale attempt to bring flying close to the general public.

The Aviation News


While administration leaders in Congress are striving to confine business of the extra session to neutrality, military and naval committee members are keeping in close touch with departmental officials in preparation for whatever additional national defense legislation may develop.

A Production Expert Expresses His Views on Planning for Production

Being an excerpt from a paper entitled "Accelerated Aircraft Production for National Defense"*

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