January 1, 1940

Fire and What Is Being Done About It.

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Turning the X-Ray on the Hiring Line


Fire and What Is Being Done About It.

The C.A.A. and the A.T.A. have joined forces to investigate the cause and cure of fires on board aircraft. An elaborate test rig has been set up at the Bureau of Standards for this study. What has been done and what the project is designed to ac complish is told here-

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Turning the X-Ray on the Hiring Line

Recent industrial unrest has forced management to recognize employee relations as one of industry's greatest problems. Lockheed found careful scrutiny of applicants beneficial to employer and employee alike.
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Hearings on American Export Airlines’ application to CAA for a transatlantic certificate seemed within a week or two of completion as this was written. Observers expect a short recess will follow, after which Pan American Airways, which has intervened, will present its case.


A round-up piece on the present and future of short-wave communication and navigation. This paper was prepared for presentation before the Lilienthal Gesellschaft meeting at Vienna in October, 1939, a schedule that was cancelled for reasons that are now a matter of history.


They Stand on Their Own Feet

New types of jig and fixture developed by Harlow offer potential savings to the manufacture of metal air planes.


TACA... Jungle Air Freighter

No job for sissies is this business of hauling freight into the jungle countries of Central America. Com petition is keen, flying conditions are bad, but here's how it is done.

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When Congress convenes January 3, it will find the House Appropriations Committee already well along with hearings on regular departmental budgets. Early in December the deficiency subcommittee completed consideration of the $271,000,000 deficiency request to cover expenses resulting from the increase in Army and Navy personnel.

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This was News in 1939 —
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As we sit back to have a look at where we’ve been last year and where we’re going next, there’s not much doubt about what the Big Aeronautical Story of 1939 was. It was not so much what did happen, as that the Great Air War hasn’t happened so far, at least in western Europe, on a scale anything like what was promised.
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