March 1, 1940

An Engineer's Close-up of the Curtiss-wright Transport

Trends in Air Transportation


Aviation Manufacturing


An Engineer's Close-up of the Curtiss-wright Transport

WHEN the Curtiss-Wright Corporation’s St. Louis Division engineers began designing the new 36-passenger Transport which has just recently been completed in that factory, they were not planning to produce the first twin-engine airliner ever designed for substratosphere flying.


Trends in Air Transportation

A brilliant and timely forecast of air transport's promising future


Aviation Manufacturing

WASHINGTON (AVIATION BUREAU): It became clear last month that the U.S. government is getting ready to give every encouragement to rapid expansion during the coming year of aircraft production—with one eye on our own national defense and the other on helping Britain and France to fight the war.

Maintenance at a Profit

The new Curtiss-Wright Transport is designed to keep maintenance costs to a minimum.


The Control of Vibration in Aircraft

IN the first article (AVIATION, January, 1940) we discussed the forces causing vibration in an aircraft structure. The next logical step is to determine the effect these forces will have on the airplane. In order to do this we must introduce and explain another term; namely, resonance.


National Aviation

About 18,000 miles of new routes would be added to the country’s air system in the near future if all applications for certificates (not counting duplication where more than one application is in for the same route) were granted by the Civil Aeronautics Authority.

Unveiling the Airacobra

Chief Engineer describes details of Bell mystery ship


Management’s Part in Personnel Relations

In Part I of this article the author told how Lockheed selects its men. Mr. Irwin now shows the other half of a carefully worked out plan—and tells how employees' good will is maintained through a wise industrial relations program.


Outwitting the Wind

The story of a brand-new addition to the Link Trainer. Now the vital factors of wind direction and velocity may be added to instrument training methods.


Home-Clean Airports

People who ride on airlines pay a premium for cleanliness and comfort such as they get at home or in the best hotels. Sooner or later ground facilities must improve to equal those provided aboard the airliners.

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