May 1, 1940

Into the Sub-Stratosphere

Aviation Financial Trends

Take to the Water


Into the Sub-Stratosphere

A detailed description of the Boeing Model 307, "Strato-liner" the first pressurized cabin ship to be delivered to the airlines.


Aviation Financial Trends

THE most sensational market performing group in recent months has not been the “war babies,” but their counterpart, a peace time “specialty.” Although the aircraft manufacturing group rallied the market at the outbreak of European hostilities last September, it remained for the air transport stocks to record the best gains to date.


Take to the Water

PAUL REVERE'S old slogan of, "One if by land, and two if by sea,” might well apply to the operator’s share of profits from a fixed flying base. As flying on floats becomes more popular every year, operators who are moving their bases to the water fronts are reaping a very practical harvest.


Streamlined Aircraft Production

MORE PLANES and more profit per square foot of floor space has been the aim of the Vultee Aircraft Company in the construction of its new factory. A special set of circumstances, combined with remarkable teamwork on the part of all the men who have worked to make this possible, has enabled us to realize the dream of all production men—the ideal factory for a given production problem —or at least as nearly ideal as anything planned and built by human beings may ever be expected to prove itself.


National Aviation

President Roosevelt’s proposal to Congress for reorganization of the Civil Aeronautics Authority fell like a bomb in the back yards of everybody, including high officials in the Authority. Cries of anguish went up. CAA officials protected to friends, but held formal statements for hearings.

How Luscombe Builds Metal Planes

BUILDING light airplanes of metal construction brings many production problems which are not met in the factory where typical light planes are manufactured. Beginning with the Phantom, Luscombe engineers have had experience over several years with metal construction methods.


Aviation Operators Corner

This summer there will be 10.000 new pilots looking for a place to fly. Most of them will have money to rent airplanes. Operators who want their share of this new business should spend the month of May getting ready for it. Approximately 5,000 of the pilots trained by CAA live in the same general vicinity where they learned to fly, and presumably they will continue their flying with the same operator.

Don’t Give Up the Ship!

To the 10,000 Civilian Pilot Training Students, we say, "Keep flying this summer".

Buyer's Log Book

What's New in Accessories, Materials, Supplies and Equipment

For a Ripe Old Age— Follow the Flying Rules

Private flying under a controlled program is 1,100 per cent safer than it was throughout the entire country last year.

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