July 1, 1940

50,000 Planes a Year

Value Received From An Engineering Department


National Aviation


50,000 Planes a Year

THIS discussion deals with the requirements of an industry capable of producing 50,000 military airplanes a year, but covering only the airplane with its engine and propeller. Allowance is not made therefore for instruments, special equipment, or armament.


Value Received From An Engineering Department

Part II of a story describing the engineering department of one of the largest airplane plants in the industry. With the sudden impetus given to the aircraft defense program added pressure has been placed on engineering departments for improved mass-production designs.


National Aviation

Washington (AVIATION BUREAU) —Congress has voted $32,000,000, in addition to $5,000,000 already available to CAA to carry on pilot training which will total 75,000 pilots within a year or two, and eventually will give the Army and Navy about 150,000 soloists who can be turned into military flyers within six additional months.

Pratt & Whitney Expands

Here are the steps taken by one company in fitting itself into the program of national defense.


R A F Maintenance

When fighting airplanes are scarce, efficient maintenance is necessary to keep them in the air.


Plastics in British Planes

THE British Air Ministry recently sent round a circular letter to aircraft manufacturers in which it was pointed out that designers should, wherever possible, use plastics in place of light alloys for lightly stressed as well as unstressed parts.

Aviation Finance

Air passenger traffic set a new all-time high in May for the third consecutive month, despite poor weather conditions. The sixteen lines reporting to the Air Transport Association flew aproximately 88,000,000 revenue passenger miles in May, as compared with 79,885,000 in April.


Investors Watch Aviation Trends

PREPARATION for our national defense program and the haste in which Congress sought to make available funds and powers requested by the President, has led to some confusion as to actual expenditures to be made. All told, more than five billion dollars in regular and special appropriations and authorizations have been made at the current session of Congress.


Aviation Manufacturing

Washington (AVIATION BUREAU): Standardization upon a few types of engines for military and training airplanes for the Army and Navy and the Allies is the first step in the program of the administration to drive airplane production to a level of 50,000 planes a year (the simultaneously announced objective of a 50,000-plane airforce is not to be taken seriously while the Allies are in the market, as the relatively small purchases in the appropriation bills reveal).


Its advantages and how it may be of use to aviation is of great current interest

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