November 1, 1942

Factors Controlling Aircraft Design and Combat Performance

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Meteorological Characteristics of Thunderstorms


Factors Controlling Aircraft Design and Combat Performance

An authoritative analysis of American, British and German warplanes shows why record of United States craft is good and reveals fallacies in arguments of self-appointed critics of AAF planes—hitherto unrevealed glimpses of the future give sound reason for continued faith in our designers and builders.

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Two new moisture registers especially adapted to aircraft work have just been developed by Moisture Register Co., 5117 Kinsie St., Los Angeles, Calif. One model has been designed for use with regular lumber, the other a variation for testing veneers and plywood as thin as ⅛ in.

Meteorological Characteristics of Thunderstorms

PART 11. Last month the duration, movement relative to gradient to winds, and circulation pattern of thunderstorms were discussed. In this concluding article, the energy characteristics of thunderstorms are analyzed including the storm accumulative factors and energy expended. In addition, some helpful suggestions to pilots are given.

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The Future of Water-Based Planes....VI

PROBABLY THE MOST prominent fact that comes out of an open minded study of the hydrodynamics of modern hulls is that beam has been allowed to become the primary factor in hydrodynamic study instead of being, as it should be, a secondary factor with planing area as the primary factor.

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Maintaining Arc Welders for Peak Production

This is a "how-to-do-it" article covering preventive maintenance and inspection, routine servicing, and repair of arc welding equipment. It is "must" reading for factory superintendents.


Aircraft Industry in All-Out Cooperation

AVIATION'S survey shows that peacetime prejudices and rivalries are overboard for the duration; aircraft, engine and parts manufacturers are cooperating fully with Government, Army and Navy, United Nations, licensees, subcontractors and others by exchanging men, ideas, formulas and materials in unprecedented teamwork to speed the war effort.
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A Pacific Coast Aircraft Stabilization Committee will be set up by the War Labor Board, as a result of data presented at a hearing held in Los Angeles Oct. 12 to 17. The committee, to be recommended by Chairman Paul R. Porter, WPB stabilization expert who conducted the hearings for the WLB, will be composed of management and labor representatives.
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Financing the Airlines

PRESENT-DAY DISCUSSIONS of the future of air transportation inevitably come around to the tremendous capital requirements faced by the industry in its postwar expansion. For example, Eastern Air Lines has asserted that its contemplated expansion program would require additional capital of about $200,000,000.

Proper Feeding Boosts Worker Production

Extensive tests conducted at Douglas Aircraft Co. plants over many years prove that careful supervision of worker nourishment and eating habits pays big dividends in better production and morale.

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Fabricating Plastic Dies for Acrylate Sheets

Savings in time and money possible through use of cast phenolic plastics; heat transfer qualities held superior to metal dies.

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