September 1, 1943

Briefing for September

Down the Years in AVIATION’S Log

Aviation~A Progress Report


Briefing for September


Down the Years in AVIATION’S Log


Aviation~A Progress Report

The Lessons of War Become the Key to a Richer Peace

Horsewhips, Inc., HAD Something

THERE WAS AN OLD MAN who made whips. And better whips couldn’t be bought. His father had made them. His granddad had made them. Their products were eagerly sought by coachmen for ladies in crinoline, farmers, and lion tamers. The business had thrived and the family had prospered for four generations.


America at War

ALLIED AIR ATTACK is cutting down German aircraft output while Nazi aviation is unable to touch the production facilities of the United States and only to scratch those of the British. The only thing that can stop the enemy’s eventual decline to zero air power is cessation of hostilities.


THEY CALL IT the Banana Run—but it doesn’t fly bananas, because too much hot freight and soldier-bound mail and too many high priority passengers have to be moved in a hurry. Although it doesn’t go into an active war theater, the Brownsville-Panama Canal Zone route of the Domestic Transportation Division of the U. S. Army Air Forces Air Transport Command is not only doing its share in winning the war by helping keep that theater a quiet one, but is doing a four-fold constructive job whose value will last far beyond the end of the war.


What the Postwar Buyer Wants

THERE IS LITTLE QUESTION that after the war there could be a vast expansion in private flying equalling some of the most optimistic forecasts. But it is questionable that such a boom will last if the industry does nothing more than supply the accumulated demand for personal planes.


Bombing ... The American Way

Aviation Manufacturing

"Lightning" Line Brews Triple Trouble for Axis

SINCE Jan. 27, 1939, when the prototype of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning made its first flight, a record of some sort or other has been achieved that our organization cannot take credit for, other than having precipitated it. I refer to the flaw of controversies that have swirled about this revolutionary fighter plane design.

Aviation Manufacturing

Design Approach For Long Range Aircraft

SCINCE THE WHOLE QUESTION of long range flying technique is one of the most complicated in aeronautics, it would seem advisable to clarify as much as possible the interdependence of the different factors involved in the design of long range aircraft.

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