October 1, 1943

Design Analysis of Ike Fleetwings BT-12

Design Approach for Long Range Aircraft

Super-Aluminum Alloys for Aircraft Structures


Design Analysis of Ike Fleetwings BT-12

Detailed study of America's only stainless steel airplane, a basic trainer built for arduous flying conditions and ease of maintenance.


Design Approach for Long Range Aircraft

Actual examples are cited by the author to demonstrate application of principles in the development of flying boats for distance runs.


Super-Aluminum Alloys for Aircraft Structures

Presenting results of comprehensive studies on corrosion resistance of new artificially aged aluminum alloys and, in concluding the series, citing weight savings possible in aircraft going on design boards.

Air Transport

Air Transport Charts Routes to New Horizons

"Which way?" and "How far?" are prime questions as operating figures and pertinent mail, express, and passenger factors are analyzed to gage air carrier trends in the coming decades.


The Case for the Integral Power Plant

Providing a critical medium through a terse consensus of industry leaders and service men, the author augments his earlier proposals for integral and standardized aviation power plants.


Shop Equipment & Accessories

Eclipse-Pioneer Div., Bendix Aviation Corp., Teterboro, N. J., has developed two new aircraft electrical products, one a high speed generator, other a carbon pile voltage regulator. Designed after AAF specification P-2, generator (illustrated) can be used on auxiliary or main engines.

Holley Carburetor Operating and Servicing

Explaining a seemingly complicated device, to keep the engine working at its best even when conditions are at their worst


Douglas Licks U-Boats Without Bombs

When ships were being torpedoed faster than they were built, hustling Douglas production lines "recruited" a winning "unarmed combat" force. . . And the supplies went through as the DC-3 flew to war.

Eight Washington Agencies Have Another Try, But Manpower Shortage Is Still to Be Solved

Transport Aviation

Washington (AVIATION Bureau)—If all the applications and paper plans for setting up additional air services in this country are realized the airline map will finally look like a fish net. Most impressive recent program is that of Penn-Central, which proposes a “coordinated” system in 23 states, giving “direct” service between numerous big cities in the industrialized eastern half of the country, and establishing “direct mainline” service to nearly 100 other cities.

Fighting Line-Abreast

One of the most successful fighter plane tactics used in the spectacular defense of Malta was line-abreast formation. Its flexibility for offense as well as defense is described here by a fighter pilot who flew with the RAF at Malta for six months.

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