June 1, 1944


Dehavilland "Mosquito"

Aviation Manufacturing

Automatic Flight and Airplane Stability

Here Are Your Markets


Dehavilland "Mosquito"

Concluding his outstanding study, the author thoroughly details the landing gear, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and controls of this remarkable twin-engine bomber.

Aviation Manufacturing

Automatic Flight and Airplane Stability

A complete understanding of the fundamentals of the automatic pilot requires a specialized review of airplane stability. Mr. Zand's approach to a clear description of automatic flight principles is a notable technical reference work.


Here Are Your Markets

Second of "Aviation's" outstanding regional range-finding series detailing basic data for merchandising aircraft and aircraft parts . . . Covered this month are all pertinent market criteria for the middle United States


An American Air Power Policy

LET US QUICKLY REVIEW the past as the first step toward an estimate of the future. No matter how well known the record may be to some of us, it is worth while to restate it here. We recall that upon the outbreak of World War I, the United States was wholly unprepared.
Aviation Manufacturing

Load Characteristics of Cellulose Acetate Plastic

Wide application of cellulose acetate plastic in aviation have given rise to further comprehensive studies of their load resisting properties. This series presents an exhaustive analysis of particular interest to designers and engineers.


Shop Equipment & Accessories

Stellite-Tipped Tools 58 Especially designed for machining steel, two new Stellite-tipped tools are announced by Haynes Stellite Co., Kokomo, Ind. They consist of a cutting tip of Stellite 98M2 cobalt-base alloy brazed or butt welded to a tough steel shank, with proper clearance and lead angles ground for turning steel.
Aviation Manufacturing

Methods for Forming Sheet Aluminum

Specific examples showing ways of forming circular aircraft parts without resorting to the expense of dies or heavy drop presses.
Aviation Manufacturing

Forged Cylinder Heads Require New Technique

Cutting a cylinder head out of a solid block was always considered "quite a trick, if you can do it". This is the story of how it was done.
Air Transport

Parks Student Airline Is the Real Thing

Parks students make actual flights to middle west cities. Complete airlines operations are carried out—from ticket selling to scheduled flight operations.


Keep Posted on Products and Practices

This selected information on new publications and products is offered by the "AVIATION" Reader's Service through cooperation with the manufacturers. It helps executives save valuable time, provides profit through convenience. To obtain literature or additional data on new products described, simply fill in form below, clip it to your letterhead, and mail. There is no cost, no obligation.
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