November 4, 1946

Depression in '47? ... Controls Can Bring One


Aircraft Shares Top V-j Day Level Despite Market Slump


U. S. Dollar Loan Program Seen Bolstering Export of Aircraft


Depression in '47? ... Controls Can Bring One

IT IS CONVENTIONAL for the American business man,who values freedom, to protest against government regulation. On this account, many people who do not know the facts in detail are inclined to discount current business protests against the post-war application of wartime economic controls.

Aircraft Shares Top V-j Day Level Despite Market Slump

Group action better than other industrials despite drops of 32 to 58% from year’s best prices; shares selling below liquidating value of working capital positions.

U. S. Dollar Loan Program Seen Bolstering Export of Aircraft

Larin American credits to Pan-American, TACA, Panair do Brasil and Aeronautical Radio de Mexico granted by ExportImport Bank.
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Alpa Eyes American, Eastern as Twa Strike Drags On

Airline wage committee has no answer to new pilot demands; hope for government operation of grounded airlines dim.

Private Flying

Spring Steel Landing Gear Proves Attraction on Cessna Models

3,000 Lightplanes sold without failure report on novel gear designed by Steve Wittman; Wichita plant making 28 planes a day.

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Services Order Fifty New Types From 22 Aircraft Manufacturers

AAF will let more contracts before December budget hearings; jets dominate AAF fighters and bombers; Navy sticking to reciprocating engines.

Washington Observer

MERGER UP TO WASHINGTON—Industry executives say the proposed Consolidated-Vultee-Lockheed merger now hinges on Washington agencies. Expected shortly are formal or informal reports from Justice Dept, and the Commissioner of Internal Revenue on anti-trust and stock taxable gains issues raised by the consolidation plan.

Air Carrier Group Charges Cab Strangling Nonschedules

Show cause orders produce mild reaction from airlines cited as Board serves notice it is watching the field.


Briefing for Private Flying

1500 BONANZA ORDERS—Beech Aircraft Corp. last week announced receipt of more than 1500 purchase commitments for the fourplace Model 35 Bonanza, which is expected to be in production “within 30 days.” Deliveries will be made in sequence that purchase orders are received, with production expected to reach 12 a day by next Spring.

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North Atlantic Fare Cuts Are Effective

North Atlantic air fare reductions to which CAB recently gave its approval (AVIATION NEWS, Sept. 30) have been made by carriers of the U. S. and five other governments. International Air Transport Assn, said the cuts approximate 12% percent.
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