September 6, 1948

Air Force Offers Streamlined Buying Plan

Electronic Airways Open New Market

Navy Offers Incentive Plan


Air Force Offers Streamlined Buying Plan

Staff of specialized buyers now handle bulk of expanding procurement program.

Electronic Airways Open New Market

Joint military-civil program now under Air Navigation Development Board.

Navy Offers Incentive Plan

Manufacturers can boost profits through more efficient production; buying process detailed.

Navy Now Expanding Aviation Program

Combat air groups will be doubled with 3300 plane annual production rate.

Munitions Board in New Role

Master-minding procurement program for National Defense; Aircraft Committee has big job.

Your Big Customer: Government

Its aviation expenditures have climbed from $1,760,192,000 to $4,895,386,000.

Renegotiation Revived; Key to Profits

Three service Boards to handle deal with industry; broad exemption powers available.

Usaf Air Materiel Command Buyers List

Latest available list of buyers in the Procurement Division of Air Materiel Command at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, is divided into three sections. All buyers are in Area B of Wright-Patterson AFB. Buyers of the Aircraft Section are located in building 15.

Usaf Wants More Than 70 Groups

Proposed plane increases may raise 1950 appropriation to over six billion dollars.

Industrial Planning Progressing

Roster of manufacturers’ capabilities compiled as air procurement guide and index to industry expansibility.
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