August 15, 1949


How Engines Are Coupled on Brabazon

Why B-36 Was Made Usaf Top Bomber



How Engines Are Coupled on Brabazon

Twin Centaurus power unit passes type test. Vibration is overcome.

Why B-36 Was Made Usaf Top Bomber

House investigators hear colorful history of plane since original contract in 1941.



Your efforts to keep AVIATION WEEK up to date with all the latest news so vital to us in aviation and free of opinions and cheap smear campaigns so common in this day makes your magazine tops as far as I am concerned. I can read AVIATION WEEK from cover to cover and enjoy every page and never feel like I am being used as a platform for some writer’s personal grudge against the people of someone else.

Fire-retardant Coatings Evaluated

Studies made under joint NBS-CAA program aim to boost resistance of fabric-covered aircraft surfaces.

Air Shares Up Value of Trust Folios

Large investment trusts are improving their aviation holdings because of favorable rises in these issues.


Lessons of the Mt. Carmel Crash

Industry and government work out safety measures that reduce danger from smoke or gas in cockpit.

Job Evaluation Trends Studied

Survey of seven Long Island aviation plants indicates growing usefulness of system that started during war.

News Sidelights

Some U. S. engineers wear an "I told you so” look these days as a result of the first flight of the de Havilland Comet jet airliner. Ready, and able to produce a jet transport any time during the past three or four years, these designers have been frustrated by economic factors, which have kept airframe companies from building a jet transport and airlines from buying it.

Paa Merger Aims Held ‘fantasy’

Public counsel declares PAA has renewed ‘chosen instrument’ ambitions, plans to drive TWA out.

News Digest

Chance Vought workers in Dallas chose UAW-CIO as bargaining agent in an NLRB election. UAW-CIO received 2491 votes to 653 for the International Assn, of Machinists. Workers cast 718 votes against any union representation at all. American Airlines has asked U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to stay the Civil Aeronautics Board decision of Aug. 2 which granted five-year all-freight certificates to Slick Airways, the Flying Tiger Line, U. S. Airlines and Airnews, Inc.
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