September 26, 1949

B-36: A Procurement Study

A Primer on Military Procurement Laws

Usaf Plans More Contracts in Fiscal 1950


B-36: A Procurement Study

Bomber development shifts caused many procurement problems, which affected contractor down to supplier.

A Primer on Military Procurement Laws

Here are the answers to questions raised by current Congressional legislation affecting the services.

Usaf Plans More Contracts in Fiscal 1950

DAYTON—Buying center of U. S. Air Force, operating under a new top echelon staff, and with a year’s experience with its new buyer’s system, is waiting for a “Go” signal from Congress on its 1950 fiscal year procurement. Actually Air Materiel Command buyers are still obligating 1949 fiscal year funds, but tempo has slowed waiting for a tardy Congress to settle on the funds to be budgeted in the fiscal 1950 year.

$170 Million a Year for Avionics Program

Military-civil aviation planning groups begin spending to implement billion dollar all weather airways system.


Problem affects only companies with gross of over $100,000.

U. S. Aviation Budget Sets Peacetime High

A record peacetime aviation budget of more than $7 billion for fiscal year 1950 for the U.S. military services promises busy days ahead for the aircraft manufacturing industry and its related equipment and accessory manufacturers. Once again the two biggest customers of aviation are:

Procurement Tips to Manufacturers Do...

• Register your plant facilities with both the Air Force and the Navy, using new AMC cataloging system and Navy industrial planning program. • Visit regularly your nearest regional Air Force procurement field office, and Navy district representative office for late procurement information.

Naso—$½ Billion Market

Huge Philadelphia installation buys spares, hardware, accessories and raw materials for Naval aviation.

Procurement Focused By Munitions Board

A powerful but little-known body within the rambling organization of the National Military Establishment—the Aircraft Committee of the Munitions Board—is credited with a major contribution toward bringing the complicated aviation procurement picture into focus as a single inter-service program, instead of two separate and independent plans.

$20 Million for Industrial Planning

Joint USAF-Navy mobilization program is studying best and quickest methods for production in an emergency.
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