May 10, 1954

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Directive Sets New Progress Pay Policy

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Airpower Cuts

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Nike Batteries

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Directive Sets New Progress Pay Policy

Progress payments to defense contractors with long lead time contracts are considered reasonably necessary, within prescribed percentages, without regard to the contractor's ability to borrow, Defense Secretary Wilson has ruled. A long lead time, called for by the bulk of the aircraft industry's defense contracts, normally approximates six months between the beginning of work and the first delivery.
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Airpower Cuts

House trims Air Force, Naval Aviation budgets. But fiscal '55 reductions face stiff Senate fight.
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Nike Batteries

First of 40 installations is started in Washington. Air cover spreads over area estimated at 25 mi.
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Talbott Calls Usaf Planning 'flexible'

Air Force planning for 137 wings by June 30, 1957, is based on a "floating D-Day," USAF Secretary Harold E. Talbott states in a report on the first six months of fiscal 1954. "We are retaining a high degree of flexibility in our planning action to insure more rapid adjustments to changes in the world situation," Talbott says.
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Three Aviation Firms List Top Salaries

Three aircraft companies report these salaries of more than $30,000 were paid during 1953: United Aircraft Corp.: H. M. Horner, president, $185,840; Leonard S. Hobbs, vice president-engineering, $139,800; Frederick B. Rentschler, board chairman, $125,550; and William R. Robbins, vice prcsidcnt-controller, $111,059.
Comet Debacle Stuns British Aviation

U.k.'s Best Bet Becomes Its Big Liability

BOAC, de Havilland face major fiscal problems. Impact of jet transport crashes could hit U. S.


Digital Computers Take to the Air

Security wraps have been removed from the Hughes Aircraft Co.-developed Digitac, the first digital computer designed for airborne use and the forerunner of what has become a significant trend in airborne computer development (Aviation WEEK Dec. 29, 1952, p. 27).


Buaer Tests Silver-zinc Aircraft Battery

More capacity at less weight is claimed for new ion-exchange power units that Navy is testing.


Target: Breaking the 'runway Barrier'

Helping aircraft take off or land in minimum space ranks high among projects of All American firm.


Paa Rides Aircoach Boom to New Peaks

U. S.-flag line carries record number of passengers to and from America, widening lead over competitors. Tourist-class traffic accounts for nearly half of total sales, is expected to increase by 50% this year.

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