June 20, 1955


Other Industries Share in Benefits of Aircraft Research

USAF Builds Global Bases at Record Rate

Usaf Builds Global Bases at Record Rate

Ryan Develops New Welding Techniques


Other Industries Share in Benefits of Aircraft Research

The rapid progress of the aviation industry during the past decade, especially when compared with the slow, gradual growth of almost every other major industry, can be attributed mainly to one factor: Research. The far-reaching effects of research in the aircraft industry are not always immediately obvious.

USAF Builds Global Bases at Record Rate

Usaf Builds Global Bases at Record Rate

Douglas reports $1.25 billion in contract awards, seeks new funds to speed B-52 field construction.


Ryan Develops New Welding Techniques

San Diego—Ryan Aeronautical Co. has interests in many research, design and production fields. But in the broad band of Ryan interests, welding emerges as the most important process. Welding is incorporated in about 90% of the company’s products, many of which can’t be joined by any other process because of the high-temperature service requirements.



‘Gentlemen’s’ Pact Your published letters containing comments by engineers employed in the aircraft industry relating to the engineer shortage and present pay scales are certainly of interest to me and all of my fellow aeronautical engineers.

Paris Air Show Spotlights French Gains

France shows tangible signs of being well on her way out of the aeronautical doldrums which have stalled her production since the war. For years her prolific production of prototypes—64 in 1948—has long been criticised in America and Britain.


Prototype Comet 4 Tests Design Changes

London—De Havilland has announced new details on the Comet 4 jet transport, available for deliveries in 1958, while the production lines at the company’s Hatfield plant are beginning to move modified Comet 2s for delivery to the Royal Air Force.

Built-in Safety Claimed for Coupling

A new aircraft quick-disconnect coupling, which the maker says cannot uncouple accidentally, is readily adaptable to any fluid and operates through the entire range of pressures now used in aircraft fuel, oil or hydraulic systems. Manufacturer is Weba, Inc., New Hyde Park, N. Y.


Senate Investigates German Bilateral

U. S. carriers protest granting unlimited rights to Lufthansa for New York-Latin American service.


Sec Lists Stock Transactions By Aviation Industry Officials

Disposal of 1,000 common shares of Northeast Airlines stock by Eugene Vidal, director, leaving a holding of 13,000, is reported in the Securities & Exchange Commission’s latest survey of transactions by officers and directors. Other transactions reported for the mid-April to mid-May period included: ACF Industries, Inc.

Research Is the Key to Airpower Race

The most important action to emerge from the recent public debate over the rapid rise of Russian airpower is an increasing awareness in Congress and the Pentagon of the importance of basic research and urgent development in the technological race now being run between Russia and the United States.

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