November 7, 1955


Did Sensory Illusion Fool Pilot?


Industry Wants Proprietary-data Policy


Diversified Production Means Prosperity


Did Sensory Illusion Fool Pilot?

American Airlines Flight 711, a Convair 240, N 94234, crashed at 2236,1 March 20, 1955. The accident occurred in an open field approximately 1¼ miles north-northwest of the Municipal Airport at Springfield, Missouri. Eleven of the 32 passengers, the first officer, and the stewardess were fatally injured.

Industry Wants Proprietary-data Policy

For several years the battle lines have been forming in the contest over industrial know-how. The Government forces, on the one side, have been reaching ever deeper into the shops and laboratories of private industry to find and possess know-how.

Diversified Production Means Prosperity

San Diego—Ryan Aeronautical Co. has found a simple formula for prosperity—diversification. Ryan’s activities cover such varied fields as jet-powered vertical takeoff (VTO) aircraft, jet-powered target drones, avionics, aircraft and engine components subcontract work, welding, exhaust systems, pneumatic ducting, all-metal honeycomb structures, titanium alloys research and experimental fabrication.


Jet Era Is Reawakening Interest in Automatic Approach Couplers

The problem of integrating new turboprop and turbojet airliners into an already-congested airspace may force the airlines to take a new look at an old device, the automatic approach coupler enables an autopilot-equipped plane to fly automatically down ILS beams during bad-weather approaches.


Douglas Challenges Industry to Best Dc-8

Santa Monica—Challenging its domestic and foreign competitors to match the economy and performance of the DC-8, Douglas Aircraft Co. last week disclosed design details of its new commercial jet transport. Douglas aerodynamicists, in exclusive interviews with AVIATION WEEK, revealed that they have evolved an entirely new airfoil for the wing which will enable the DC-8 to achieve higher speed with less wingsweep.


Allison’s 501: Experience Backs Civil Air Design

Indianapolis—The Allison Model 501 commercial turboprop to be delivered to the airlines in time for 1958 operations will be supported by an impressive backlog of inflight experience. This will total 500,000 hrs. by the time paying passengers are riding the first American turboprop transports.


Renegotiation Confuses Profit Outlook

Boeing is ordered by board to refund $10 million; lack of definite pattern of action puzzles observers.


Washington Roundup

USAF civilian and military leaders are deep in consultation this month over the Fiscal 1957 budget, determined to achieve as much as possible of Defense Secretary Charles E. Wilson’s $500 million economy goal. Savings already are being enforced for the 1956 budget and the administration insists overall air power goal has not been altered.



Having been an enthusiastic reader of your magazine for some years, I am sure you will welcome a correction of a statement in Mr. Staver’s article on “Atlantic Summer Traffic” in your October 3rd issue. “One carrier only, SAS, now operates from the West Coast direct to Europe via the “Polar” route.

Usaf Contracts

Following is a list of unclassified contracts for $25,000 and over as released by Air Force Contracting Officer. WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio. Lockheed Aircraft Corp., Marietta, Ga., facilities for production of C-130 aircraft, (PR 148845), $226,688.
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