January 23, 1956

Red Gains Threaten ‘deterrent Force’


Aircraft Demands Exceed Pilot Capability

President Seeks $8 Billion for Aircraft and Missile Procurement


Red Gains Threaten ‘deterrent Force’

Gen. Power, ARDC chief, warns of ‘very real danger’ that Red advances could put U. S. 'at their mercy.'

Aircraft Demands Exceed Pilot Capability

The Air Force is urging a fresh look at the problem of human error, a factor that was held responsible for approximately 1,200 of the 1,800 or so major USAF accidents over the last year. To reduce the number of accidents ascribed to this cause, “it is necessary to consider the human in terms of his inherent design limitations,” according to Brig. Gen. Joseph D. Caldara, USAF Director of Flight Safety Research.

President Seeks $8 Billion for Aircraft and Missile Procurement

Fiscal 1957 budget calls for substantial missile increase, reflects changing character of air weapons.


Hybrid Systems Ease Design Problems

A pure inertial guidance system demands an extremely high order of accuracy in its gyros, accelerometers, servo systems and other components, as discussed in previous articles in this series. But because further improvements in inertial component accuracy “come hard,” some companies are turning to hybrid systems, which employ a supplemental radar, celestial or ground reference technique to correct for the cumulative errors which build up in a pure inertial system.


Aircraft Radio Booms Commercial Sales

Boonton, N. J.—A new Beech C50 Twin-Bonanza combination flying showcase and testbed is being modified by Aircraft Radio Corp. to spearhead a concerted drive to greatly expand the company’s commercial sales of radio and navigation equipment in 1956.


Airlines Warned on Transponder Problems

Indications are that lines will go ahead with plans to improve ground radar performance, identification.


Stock Transactions

Washington—Acquisition of 10,000 common shares of United Air Lines stock through exercise of option by W. A. Patterson, officer and director, is reported by Securities and Exchange Commission for the period of Nov. 11 to Dec. 10, 1955. He now has a direct holding of 15,000 and an indirect holding of 234 common shares.

Experts See More Airline Gains, Hear Attack on Defense Transport

Washington—Predictions of continued gains in airline business have been made to an annual transportation meeting of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, which also featured a Hoover Commission official’s attack on Defense Department transportation policies.


The New Airpower Fraud

The Fiscal 1957 airpower budget presented to Congress last week is deceptive. Although the Defense Department budget shows increases both in new obligational authority ($2.5 billion) and in expenditures ($1 billion) for Fiscal 1957, it falls miserably short in meeting the real needs of military airpower in the critical areas of research, development, production and maintenance.


Role of Test Facility Gains New Stature

El Segundo, Calif.—The increasing severity of military service requirements has pushed to the forefront the role of the test laboratory for the proving of aircraft and missile components. Already this pre-testing of weapon components and systems is taking a considerable portion of the defense dollar.

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