February 20, 1956


Equipment Dearth Slows British Research


Co-pilot Shut Throttle on Gear-up Order


Usaf Contracts


Equipment Dearth Slows British Research

Turning now to a number of technical matters which have held back the production of the new family of post-war British aircraft. These I consider in the final analysis must, to a considerable degree, be laid at the door of the chief engineers and senior executives of industry.


Co-pilot Shut Throttle on Gear-up Order

At 1819,1 July 15, 1955, a Northwest Airlines DC-3, N 45333, operated as Flight 610, was substantially damaged when it collided with a powerline pole during an attempted go-around at Yakima Airport, Yakima, Washington. None of the 15 occupants was injured.

Usaf Contracts

Following is a list of unclassified contracts for $25,000 and over as released by Air Force Contracting Offices: HEADQUARTERS, AMC, Wriglit-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Guardian Electric Mfg. Co., 1621 W. Walnut St., Chicago 12, 111., testers-in-flight controls, spare parts, testers-flight circuit, (PR’s 541376 and 541377), $157,620.

Japan Assembles T-33, Enters Jet Age

Tokyo—Japan successfully tested its first postwar domestically assembled jet aircraft in mid-January, ushering in a new era in Japanese aviation. The plane was the first of 180 T-33s scheduled for assembly and eventual manufacture, in Japan by June 1958 for use by the growing Japanese Air Defense Force.


New Shield Insert Reduces Tube Heat

Tube failures in existing avionic equipment can be reduced by a simple new device now coming on the market. The unit, a corrugated metal liner that can be inserted quickly in a standard miniature JAN (Joint Army-Navy tube shield, reduces tube operating temperatures by as much as 50%).


Sperry Sharpens New Executive Tool

Great Neck, N. Y.—Sperry Gyroscope Co. is devising a new weapon to throw into the continuing struggle to reduce the cost of arms and give the Government more for its defense dollar. Current plans for the weapon—the application of data-processing techniques to the problems of top operating management—include setting up a system of more-scientific inventory control based on the latest “operations research” or other mathematical management formulas.


Stock Transactions

Washington—Acquisition of common shares bv two officers of Seaboard and Western Airlines is reported bv the Securities and Exchange Commission for the period from Dec. 11 through Jan. 9. Arthur V. Norden, officer, acquired 26,950 shares, 25,250 through an exercise of option, making a holding of 60,745.
Strongest Statement Yet

White Warns of Red R&d, Production

Cincinnati—Soviet Russia not only is “making scientific and technological advances at a faster rate” than the United States, she also is “beating us at our own game—production,” Gen. Thomas D. White, U. S. Air Force Vice Chief of Staff, said at the opening of General Electric Co’s new jet engine facilities here.

Allegheny Pleased with Martin 2-0-2s

Low cost, successful operation, public acceptance convince carrier plane now is ready for heavy duty.


First U. S. Bi-directional System Will Begin Operation in November

New York—The nation’s first bidirectional instrument runway is scheduled to be in operation at New York International Airport by the end of November, according to the Civil Aeronautics Administration. Installation of an Instrument Landing System at the northeast end of Idlewild’s Runway 4-22 will begin in early summer, and a second approach light system subsequently will be added to the ILS.

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