July 23, 1956


Usaf Reveals New Instrument Concept

Soviet Technical Education Marshalled for Airpower Drive



Usaf Reveals New Instrument Concept

The new cockpit display will be tailored to the airplane’s specific mission, be it interceptor, fighter bomber, bomber, transport, helicopter or reconnaissance. Many of the basic elements which make up the integrated display will be common to all types of aircraft.


Soviet Technical Education Marshalled for Airpower Drive

Moscow—The Soviet drive aimed at developing superior airpower is being built upon a foundation of large-scale technical education in aeronautical skills and sciences that stretches from model airplane building shops to rigorous post-graduate technical specialization.



United-TWA Tragedy You foretold this. Now for the good of aviation, don’t play it down. Put it on the front page and keep it there. One reasoning voice must ring out above the clamor until the traffic problem is solved. In the name of God, give it all you’ve got.

Fiscal 1957 to Bring Air Taxis $20 Million

New York—Air taxi services are establishing themselves as an important adjunct to the scheduled airlines and as a top source of income for fixed base operators. A congressional subcommittee, studying operators pleas to abolish the 10% transportation tax on their services, estimates that the 1,600-odd air taxi firms in the U.S. and possessions will gross some $20 million in Fiscal 1957.


Industry Battles Technical-data Controls

Major trade groups insist technical data must be retained, Defense fears “bondage” to contractors


Twining Vs. Wilson on Russia

Gen. Nathan F. Twining, Air Force chief of staff, has made a frank, detailed and useful report to the Congress and the American people on what he and his staff learned about Soviet airpower during their recent visit to Russia. Even the security-screened version of this report does a better job of putting the competitive problem of U.S. and Soviet airpower into perspective than any other official statement we have seen.


Washington Roundup

Japanese reports of a series of fusion bomb explosions in the Eniwetok Proving Ground of the Atomic Energy Commission indicate rockets are being used to test thermo-nuclear missile warheads at altitudes up to 200,000 ft. Japanese scientists who monitor radiation from the Eniwetok blasts report that new explosions since the B-52 air-dropped bomb (AW June 25, p. 29) have been at increasing altitudes with the latest ten days ago apparently detonated above a 20-mile altitude.


Cab Hits Airline Overbooking, Prohibits Bonuses, Free Trips


Navy Contracts

Following is a list of unclassified contracts of $25,000 and over as released by Navy Contracting Offices: U. S. NAVAL SUPPLY ACTIVITIES, Brooklyn 32, N. Y. Aerolab Development Co., 330 West Holly St., Pasadena 3, Calif., model aircraft target device N140(71339)57133B (reqn. No. 61339/60060/56), 62 ea, $26782.

Military Commands Reorganized to Pave Way for Manpower Cuts

Washington — Sudden reorganization of U. S. military commands in the Far East, Europe, Alaska and the Northeast was announced by the Defense Department last week as top-level decisions on future aircraft expenditures and armed force levels were awaited from the Eisenhower Administration.
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