January 7, 1957


Hypersonic Test Vehicle Moves Toward 6,800 Mph. Design Goal

Soviet Twin-Jet Supersonic Farmer Details Are Shown

Question on Control Influences Yc-134 Flow Change


Airlines Invest $50 Million in Idlewild


Hypersonic Test Vehicle Moves Toward 6,800 Mph. Design Goal

Los Angeles—Originally projected for speeds of about 10,000 fps. (6,800 mph.), the hypersonic test vehicle (HTV) developed by Aerophysics Development Corp., already has reached the 5,000-mph. mark at altitudes in the region of 50,000 ft. Aerophysics, a subsidiary of Curtiss-Wright Corp., developed the HTV in conjunction with Air Research and Development Command’s Wright Air Development Center (AW Sept. 17, p. 34).

Soviet Twin-Jet Supersonic Farmer Details Are Shown

Question on Control Influences Yc-134 Flow Change

Trenton, N. J.—Control problems expected from the failure of one boundary layer control engine in the dual system for the YC-134 assault transport have caused Stroukoff Aircraft to turn to a single system for the YC-134A, scheduled to fly next spring.


Airlines Invest $50 Million in Idlewild

New York—Three major U. S. airlines, Pan American World Airways, Trans World Airlines and American Airlines, are investing over $40-million in hangar and office construction at New York International Airport. Two other large carriers, United Air Lines and Eastern Air Lines, have occupied new hangars which cost together over $9-million, bringing the investment of just completed, under construction, or planned airline hangar facilities at Idlewild close to the $ 50-million mark.


Logair Struggles to Keep Independence

USAF air-cargo line wants to retain identity, stay outside Defense’s new single-management agency.


Washington Roundup

Small Budget for Big Stick USAF expects the Eisenhower administration will offer it a total budget that is not much larger than last year’s initial $16.5 billion, or $3.5 billion to $5 billion less than it feels necessary. To perform his mission, Gen. Nathan F. Twining, USAF chief of staff, had hoped to get funds in the neighborhood of $21 billion.



Rockets Red Glare You are an imaginative lily livered Yankee. Had there been any truth in “your nightmare” we could have taken it. We never sit on the fence as you sweepings of Europe did in two world wars and Suez. G. LLOYD THOMAS St. Albans, Hants, England (EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr. Thomas imaginative letter was touched off by AVIATION WEEK’S editorial of Dec. 3 [p. 21] entitled ‘Nuclear Sabre Rattling.’)

Industry Faces Knotty Problems

This will be another good year for the air transport and aircraft manufacturing industries. Aircraft manufacturing sales should be close to $9 billion, while airline revenues will continue well over the billion dollar mark. However, in the midst of this current prosperity, both the airline and aircraft manufacturing industries face knotty problems that must be solved soon if their futures are to continue to be tinged with the same rosy hue that has characterized the past five years.


New Global Service Authorized By Cab

CAB provides second service to compete under U. S. flag with Pan American; TWA extended to Manila.


Socket Slots Pay Tube Cooling Dividend

Cedar Rapids, Ia.—Reduction in tube failures, biggest single cause of avionic equipment unreliability, may result from use of a new type socket for miniature tubes. Slots in the tube socket permit forced air to pass between tube and its shield, multiplying cooling air effectiveness several hundred per cent.


Usaf Contracts

Following is a list of unclassified contracts for $25,000 and over as released by Air Force Contracting Offices: SAN ANTONIO AIR MATERIEL AREA, Kelly Air Force Base, Tex. American Bosch Arma Corp., American Bosch Division, 3664 Main St., Springfield 7, Mass., screw, 4701-SC52212, 19,941 ea; screw, 4701-SC52213, 29911 ea ; screw, 4701-SC52214, 19941 ea; screw, 4701-SC52215, 39881 ea. (P.R. : O3H-MA-597670 (complete), $35165.
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