July 15, 1957

1958 U. S. Airport Aid Available


M-w Wings Sidestep Drawback of Sweep


Dectra Begins Vital Atlantic Evaluation


1958 U. S. Airport Aid Available

Federal money became available this month for 334 airport improvement projects in the Fiscal 1958 Federal-Aid Airport Program, the third of four such programs authorized bY Congress. Funds for the continental United States, including every state but Wisconsin and Wyoming, amount to S52,265,226.

M-w Wings Sidestep Drawback of Sweep

New York—Two promising though somewhat unfamiliar wings having M and W shapes are being tested in the U.S. for use on large, heavy transports and bombers designed to cruise at supersonic speeds. The M wing sweeps forward on the inboard panels and back on the outboard; the sweep is exactly the opposite for the W wing.


Dectra Begins Vital Atlantic Evaluation

Evaluation tests on Dectra, a highly accurate British long-range hyperbolic navigation system, have begun over the heavily traveled North Atlantic air route between Gander, Newfoundland, and Prestwick, Scotland. Dectra is expected to reduce present aircraft separation standards from 120 miles laterally and 30 minutes longitudinallv to 30 miles and 10 minutes, respectviely, according to Decca Navigator Co. which developed the svstem under British government sponsorship.


Irvine Details B-58 Design Advances

Ft. Worth—Convair B-58 Hustler, fastest jet bomber in the world today with a speed approaching Mach 2, represents highly significant new design breakthroughs, according to Lt. Gen. C. S. Irvine, Air Force deputy chief of staff, materiel.


More Women Travelling—airlines Increase Promotions to Ladies

New York—Airlines are stepping up efforts to woo the ladies to their ticket counters. Particularly among the overseas carriers, new or expanded promotion and service programs are beamed specifically at the female market. Everyone agrees that this market has been growing at a proportionately faster rate than the total air travel market— i.e., including men.


Beacon Will Aid Florida Corridor Traffic

Airline aid installed for Wilmington-Palm Beach corridor, but Navy may still disrupt traffic.


Industry Demand for Engineers Eases

Aviation Week survey doesn’t indicate surplus, but reveals more, better qualified applicants.


Free Lance Engineer The letter titled “Ad Man Retorts,” in the June 10 issue (p. 126), indicates that the letter from “A (Happy) Jobshopper,” in the May 20 issue (p. 158), managed to rock the boat. I do not agree 100% with this “jobshopper,” but he did have a very interesting letter.

Unification Improves Pacific Air Strength

Tokyo—Unification of U.S. forces in the Pacific and Far East under a single command will greatly increase the combat effectiveness of air units in the area, Gen. Laurence S. Kuter, commander of these newly combined units, told AVIATION WEEK last week before moving his headquarters from Tokyo to Hawaii.

Salute to the Sabre

Every so often, an aircraft comes along with the right performance at the right time to carve itself a niche of immortality in aviation’s annals. Tony Fokker’s D-VII fighter was such an aircraft in World War I. Douglas’ DC-3 was another in the initial growth period of commercial aviation.

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