August 25, 1958


Turbine Cuts Noise, Adds to Simplicity and Power in S-62

Space Technology

Satellite Controls Pose Major Problems

Space Technology

Space Delay Is Blamed on Pentagon


Turbine Cuts Noise, Adds to Simplicity and Power in S-62

Bridgeport, Conn.—Effectiveness of its new flying boat type hull and lightweight gas turbine engine is reflected in the good water handling and flight characteristics of Sikorsky’s amphibious S-62 helicopter. Prototype S-62—currently powered by YT58-GE-6 engine—also evidenced relative quietness and lack of vibration during flight evaluation by AVIATION WEEK, the first such report on a U. S. turbine helicopter.

Space Technology

Satellite Controls Pose Major Problems

San Diego—Three problem areas in satellite attitude control were outlined during a recent space exploration meeting here by Robert E. Roberson of North American Aviation’s Autonetics Division. Survey of existing, generally available literature on satellite attitude control indicated several areas ripe for thorough investigation in this field, according to Roberson.

Space Technology

Space Delay Is Blamed on Pentagon

Palo Alto, Calif.—Any integrated U.S. space program can begin only after 1960 because of the lack of any integrated planning up to the present date, visitors to the Western Regional Meeting of the American Astronautical Society here were told by Frank M. Perkins of Convair Astronautics.


Airline Profits May Drop to '49 Low

Net profits of trunkline industry for first six months of this year fall 76% below 1957 level.


Composite-transistor Offers High Gain

Kensington, Md.—Composite-transistor, novel semiconductor device which exhibits the high input impedance of a small-signal transistor, the low output impedance of a power transistor and the over-all current gain (15,000 to 30,000) of a cascaded amplifier, has been developed here by Advanced Research Associates, Inc.


First U.s. Lunar Probe Fails After Promising Launch

Cape Canaveral, Fla.—First U. S. lunar probe test vehicle had executed a difficult roll and turn and was performing perfectly last week until an apparently random failure caused an explosion that ripped apart the Thor first stage engine after 77 sec. of flight.


Leasing Studied as Jet Finance Solution


First Shot at the Moon

The first U.S. attempt at lunar exploration launched from Cape Canaveral on Aug. 17 by the Air Force was a significant milestone in the exploration of outer space. Like all early experimental failures in attempts to pierce the frontiers of the unknown, it provided considerable knowledge with which to bolster the opportunities for success on subsequent attempts.


What's New

Impedance Matching — by A. Shure, Ph.D., Ed. D.—Pub. John F. Rider Publisher, Inc., 116 West 14th Street, New York 11, New York. $2.90; 119 PP. This electronic technology series deals with the problems of impedance matching at audio, radio, and higher frequencies.

Washington Roundup

House and Senate Armed Services Committees and Defense Department will make comprehensive studies of the military procurement system to pave the way for action on legislation early next year when the new Congress convenes. Moves in this direction include:

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