August 3, 1959


Aeroflot Stretches Jet Transport Designs

Space Technology

Tests Aim at Beryllium Use in Spacecraft

Mobility Designed Into Minuteman


Aeroflot Stretches Jet Transport Designs

Moscow—Aeroflot plans considerable development stretch in the gas turbine powered transport types it is now operating and also has plans to develop a second generation supersonic jet transport. Most of the aircraft design bureau heads we talked with in Moscow indicated that a supersonic transport was already under development (AW June 1, p. 52) but would give no indication of which design bureau was handling the project.

Space Technology

Tests Aim at Beryllium Use in Spacecraft

Hawthorne, Calif.—Significant milestone in the program to develop beryllium for aircraft and space vehicle use has been reached with the accomplishment of bare extrusions of the metal into conventional structural shapes of “aircraft quality,” in lengths up to 15 ft.


Mobility Designed Into Minuteman

Washington—Projections for mobile launching of Air Force’s Minuteman second-generation, 6,000-mi.-plus, solid propellant intercontinental ballistic missile, in addition to a basic scheme for firing from fixed underground silos, contemplates use of both railway cars and trucks.

Do. 27 Flight Range Starts at Near Hover

Munich—Flying from almost a hover to speeds in excess of 150 mph., Dornier’s agile and aerobatic Do. 27 STOL (short takeoff and landing) airplane showed itself particularly adaptable for operation into the smallest of airports and landing strips.


First Details of B-58 Bomb-nav System

Great Neck, N. Y.—First details of the AN/ASQ-42 bombing and navigation system developed for use with the Convair B-58 Hustler weapon system have been disclosed by the manufacturer, Sperry Gyroscope Co. The system combines active radar navigation techniques, employed during the approach phase of a mission, with passive inertial and star tracking techniques that enable the B-58 to avoid detection by reconnaissance receivers once it is over enemy territory.


Defense Shifts Nuclear Plane Emphasis


Aluminized Fuels Used in New Missiles

Producers encapsulate aluminum particles to guard against premature reaction, increase rocket shelf life.


Faulty Maintenance Cited in 707 Mishap

Modification of 707’s gear assembly may be made as a result of PanAm emergency.


Washington Roundup

House Science and Astronautics Committee inquiry into the reasons for the recent series of Air Force-Convair Atlas and Navy-Lockheed Polaris missile flight test failures last week (see p. 29) brought a prompt protest from House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Carl Vinson, (D.-Ga.).

Space Technology

Explorer VI Satellite Instruments Detailed

Washington—Explorer VI, whose Juno II carrier malfunctioned immediately after launch, was instrumented perform seven different experiments. These included: Earth heat balance: Six sensors installed around the periphery of the satellite were designed to measure direct solar radiation and the fraction this radiation which is diffusely flected by the earth and its atmosphere as well as that portion absorbed by the earth and reradiated in the form of infrared energy of relatively long wavelength.
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