December 18, 1967


Seat Makers Emphasize Reduced Weight

Aeronautical Engineering

Lycoming Expands Turbine Engine Family

Usaf Weighs Single Transceiver Concept


Seat Makers Emphasize Reduced Weight

Los Angeles-New, lighter models of aircraft seats recently introduced by leading airline seat manufacturers are making possible significant weight savings in passenger cabin furnishings. In the past, weight often was held secondary to a plush appearance, especially in aircraft such as the Boeing 707 series where space rather than payload was the limiting factor.

Aeronautical Engineering

Lycoming Expands Turbine Engine Family

Stratford, Conn.-Lycoming Div. of Avco Corp. is developing advancedtechnology shaft turbine powerplants that will carry its T55 engine series into the 6,000-plus-shp. class along with new models designed to fill some of the gaps under 4,000 shp. in its present T53 and T55 lines.


Usaf Weighs Single Transceiver Concept

Integrated system for communications-navigation-identification could replace present complements of autonomous black boxes

Special Report: Concorde Rollout

Separate Fare Structure Seen for Ssts

BOAC official says airlines must produce two economic scales for subsonic and supersonic travel; higher cost of SSTs cited

Funding Problems Clo Debut

Air Transport

Airline Demand for More Seats Brings Stretch in L-1011 Design

Los Angeles-Lockheed-California Co. L-1011 airbus design has grown 10 ft. longer to 175 ft. since the three-engine design was laid before the airlines last September (AW&ST Sept. 18, p. 36). Passenger seating in the standard version has been increased from a 227 mixedclass (20/80) arrangement to 250.

Airlines Press for Concorde Data

Evaluation Plan May Decide 737 Crew

United hopes to avert strike with an agreement to test two and three-man flight crews; duration of program unsettled

Special Report: Concorde Rollout

Concorde Financing Bill Planned in Britain

London-British government officials are preparing legislation leading to full financing of the Anglo-French Concorde supersonic transport project. It is assumed the aircraft will go into full production. In the meantime, a top official of the Ministry of Technology said some production funding has been allocated, mainly for long-lead-time items, aimed at initiating a program of 3.56 aircraft per month by 1971.

Business Flying

More Mail a Wards Planned for Air Taxis

Contracts totaling about $8.5 million scheduled for next year; operators cautioned to be certain they can handle requirements

War in Vietnam

'survivability' Studies Accelerated

Military pushes effort to cut combat aircraft attrition rates by correcting known elements that have contributed to losses

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