May 6, 1968

Special Report—Air War in Vietnam

Bombing Cut Spurs Resupply From North

Space Technology

Europe Plan Stresses Space Applications

Nimbus B to Test New Weather Sensors

Special Report—Air War in Vietnam

Bombing Cut Spurs Resupply From North

Saigon-President Johnson’s restrictions on the U.S. air war effort over North Vietnam as a hopeful prelude to peace talks with Hanoi will become a serious concern to military officials here if they remain in effect beyond mid-May. The earlier effort had fallen far short of blocking Communist infiltration to the south, but had made it costly.

Space Technology

Europe Plan Stresses Space Applications

Space conference finds current efforts uncoordinated, with ELDO aiming at applied payload launchers, ESRO stressing research


Nimbus B to Test New Weather Sensors

Greenbelt, Md.-Quantitative measurement of worldwide atmospheric structure leading ultimately to reliable advance weather forecasts of 14 days is the next major technology gap to be filled by the increasing capabilities of space applications.

Hanover Air Show

Show Stresses European Trend to New Civil, V/stol Designs

Hanover, West Germany-New aircraft displays at the seventh Hanover air show indicate that a series of advanced civil designs, ranging from light sport aircraft to twin-turbojet executive/utility transports, will become available on the European market during the next two years.


U. K. Executives Lose Government Posts

Two Bristol Siddeley officials removed from public committees after excess-profits probe; move brings heated Commons debate


Infrared Clear Air Turbulence Unit Evaluated

Washington-Infrared clear air turbulence detector has demonstrated the ability to spot turbulence several minutes in advance of an encounter with moderately good reliability during recent tests aboard a Pan American World Airways Boeing 707-321B jet transport.

Hanover Air Show

Hanover Focuses on Multinational Effort

Air show opens as West German government increases pressure for aerospace industry mergers; V/STOLs A-300 emphasized

Air Transport

990 Helps Balair Boost Tourist Revenues

Space Technology

British Exit Clouds Eldo Future

Move imperils European space program plans; French, Germans reported seeking alternative ways to develop launch vehicles

A View From the Cockpit

What is the pilot flying bombing missions into North Vietnam trying to accomplish? What do we think our job is? You don’t have to plan too many air strikes or fly too many missions before three basic objectives become clear. First—we are limiting the sanctuary area available to the North Vietnamese.
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