November 14, 1977

Air Transport

Low Fares Kindle Chicago-l. A. Market


New Atc Facility Nearing Completion

Aeronautical Engineering

Cobra Bolsters U. S. Stance in Europe

Air Transport

Low Fares Kindle Chicago-l. A. Market

Los Angeles—Non-restrictive discount coach and economy fares offered daily between Los Angeles and Chicago are proving to be especially attractive to vacationers and those traveling to visit friends and relatives, but the reduced rates have brought mixed financial results to the market’s four competing carriers.


New Atc Facility Nearing Completion

New York—Major new air traffic control facility, designed to bring advanced automated radar service to the New York Terminal Area, is well under way, with heavy construction now nearing completion. Avionics installations in the new, dedicated control building are expected to be started in early 1978, with operation of the new terminal radar control (Tracon) facility targeted for late 1979.

Aeronautical Engineering

Cobra Bolsters U. S. Stance in Europe

Heidelberg, West Germany—U. S. Seventh Army’s modernized anti-tank helicopter force, deployment of which was recently completed here, will continue to depend on surface-bound logistics support for the next several years, until increased numbers of Boeing Vertol CH-47D medium-lift helicopters can be provided to take over much of this requirement.

Missile Engineering

Roland Effort Tests Technology Transfer

Seattle—Matching of the U. S. Roland 2 air defense missiles against low-flying target aircraft early next year will test how well this nation has transferred technology from abroad and will provide a basis for decision by several nations considering purchase of the system.

Air Transport

North Atlantic Price War Looms

Director general of IATA proposes 12-month moratorium on North Atlantic traffic conferences to test U. S. policy


Nuclear Attack Survival Aspects Studied

Washington—Soviet losses in a full-scale nuclear war with the U. S., if the USSR evacuates and shelters its population according to plans, would be about 4% of the population, according to a new report by Boeing Aerospace Co. of population losses in a nuclear exchange.

Business Flying

New ‘high-altitude’ Criteria Evolving

Extensive ground and flight test program required to certificate the Gates Learjet 24 and 25 for operations up to 51,000 ft. has provided the Federal Aviation Administration with new benchmarks for approving business jets for flight in this new environment.

Air Transport

Un Spurs Antihijacking Drive

General Assembly resolution condemning aerial piracy could prompt further action on treaty ratification


A Fabulous Flight

Recently, we spent a weekend flying around the world over both poles. The occasion was Pan American World Airways Flight No. 50, planned to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the airline’s first scheduled service and to demonstrate that it had not lost the pioneering spirit that first spanned the Caribbean, Pacific and Atlantic with flying boats and forged a global jet transport network over six continents and many of the archipelagoes that lie between them.

Space Technology

Nasa Studies Viking Follow-on Missions

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