November 20, 1978


Spaniards Analyze Tenerife Accident

Manufacturing Technology

Promises of Cost Savings Motivate Innovative Technique


Exports Spur Upturn in British Radar


Spaniards Analyze Tenerife Accident

Flight History. The KLM Boeing 747, registration PH-BUF, took off from Schipol Airport (Amsterdam) at 9:00 hr. on Mar. 27, en route to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This flight was part of the Charter Series KL 4805/4806 Amsterdam-Las Palmas (Canary Islands)-Amsterdam operated by KLM on behalf of the Holland International Travel Group (H. I. N. T.) Rijswijk-Z. H.
Manufacturing Technology

Promises of Cost Savings Motivate Innovative Technique

East Hartford, Conn.—Promise of significant manufacturing cost savings is prompting Pratt & Whitney’s Manufacturing Div. to expand application of a number of advanced manufacturing technologies, including powder metallurgy, hot isostatic pressing and isothermal forging.


Exports Spur Upturn in British Radar

London—Export orders are contributing an increasing share of a growing market for both military and civil-oriented radar systems built in the United Kingdom, as new hardware moves into production. Plessey Radar, Ltd., reports orders totaling close to $200 million for its AR-3D high-performance, three-dimensional S-band radar, which has been sold to a number of undisclosed overseas customers.

Missile Engineering

Mx Basing Delay Threatens Salt Ratification

Failure to select final plan for the advanced ICBM expected to have adverse impact on chances for treaty passing Senate

Business Flying

Soviets Limit M-15 Primarily to Testing

Hampton, Va. —Polish Pezetel M-15 turbofan-powered agricultural biplane designed for Soviet use is being flown only for research and the USSR has serious questions about the economics of employing the aircraft in a wide variety of applications.

Business Flying

Piper Gears for Strong Market Assault

Reno, Nev.—Piper Aircraft has introduced a modified version of two existing models for 1979 and is consolidating its technical and managerial advances for a strong assault on market penetration. These moves follow the introduction of seven new models during the fiscal year ending Sept. 30.

Aeronautical Engineering

Defender Demonstrated in Eight Nations

London—Hughes 500MD Defender antiarmor helicopter has completed an eight-nation demonstration tour of Europe and the Middle East during which it displayed its ability as a tank killer armed with the Hughes TOW missile. In addition to Britain, where the helicopter was flown at the recent Farnborough air show (AW&ST Sept. 11, p. 14), the Defender visited Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Jordan and Morocco.


Dutch Move to Bolster Military Forces

The Hague—Dutch government, committed to improving its military forces within the framework of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is pressing forward with a five-year program with major increases in defense spending and a modernization plan for new equipment, including new aircraft for the 1980s.

Space Technology

Space Reconnaissance Expansion Urged

Air Transport

American, Delta Order 767s

Both airlines choose General Electric CF6-80A powerplants for their total order of 50 Boeing medium-range transports

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